The Top 10 DEEPEST YTD Snowfall Totals In North America Right Now:

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Mammoth Mountain, CA. Image: @petermorning

As we move into February, we’ve got some solid YTD snowfall totals. It’s great to see, especially since it’s been a tough winter for some parts of the United States. While others have been enjoying plentiful snowfall and persistent cold temperatures. Looking at these numbers, much of the USA is set up for a great season.


Top 10 Biggest Snowfall Totals In North America:


***all snowfall numbers below taken from each ski resort’s website on 02/12/2019***

Mt. Baker Ski Area, WA in late January. Image: Mt. Baker Ski Area, WA Facebook

1. Mammoth Mountain, CA: 446

2. Mt. Baker Ski Area, WA: 399

Patrol tracks and roof cornices at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, CA. Image: SnowBrains

3. Brighton Resort, UT: 394″

4. Squaw Valley, CA: 393″

Snowbird Resort, UT. Image: Snowbird Facebook Page/Chris Segal

5. Snowbird, UT: 384″

6. Alta Ski Area, UT & Homewood Mountain, CA: 353″

POW at Boreal Mountain, CA. Image: Boreal Mountain Facebook

7. Sugar Bowl Resort, CA: 350″

8. Boreal Mountain Resort, CA: 348″

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, WY. Image: JHMR Facebook

9. Kirkwood Mountain Resort, CA: 346″

10. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, WY: 339″

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5 thoughts on “The Top 10 DEEPEST YTD Snowfall Totals In North America Right Now:

  1. Do you think the people who own Squaw don’t report the levels properly at Alpine Meadows to market Squaw brand? Confessions of Economic Hitman…. they should rewrite it for the people who own the companies that own the resorts….

    1. They lie all the time. I live there and can tell you when they report more than the resorts on the crest, it’s laughable.

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