The Ultimate Guide to Backcountry Skiing & Ski Mountaineering

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New mountaineering guide
Utilize this exceptional new mountaineering guide to be safe in the mountains this season. Credit: Mark Smiley

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The Ultimate Guide to Backcountry Skiing & Ski Mountaineering is a deep dive into all aspects of the sport. Countless hours have been invested by photographer, filmmaker, and IFMGA guide Mark Smiley making this a one-stop resource for beginners just starting, intermediate users who want to up their game, and even pros wanting to refine their existing skills and techniques. 

A quick scan of the table of contents should get you excited to jump in. This guide is $1000 worth of learning, which would take months to cover in a traditional setting. Via online learning, you can have access to all this knowledge, delivered in a format that is easy and entertaining to digest. Additionally, you’ll have direct access to Mark to get feedback as you apply these skills.

Touring up
Become the partner you seek! Credit: Mark Smiley

The course is split into Five Parts:

Avalanche Education: A solid foundation of baseline skills is laid first, and then the course quickly builds on that to more advanced skills. Everyone needs great avalanche awareness skills. Without this, you are sunk, and it will be hard to find repeat ski partners.

Movement: Next, the course moves on to a comprehensive spectrum of cool techniques to help you move better in the mountains. Ski touring up, booting, skiing steep lines, hucking, and ice climbing. You will be eager to practice and then apply these skills in actual terrain.

Gear: Feeling flooded with the massive amount of products you can blow your money on? This course cuts through the fluff, and you get gear recommendations that work the best for the people that use them the most. Eliminate any buying confusion you might have, see gear you need to take you places you’ve never been, and upgrade equipment that is holding you back.

Anchor building instruction
The course offers instruction on advanced mountaineering techniques such as anchor building. Credit: Mark Smiley

Anchors: These skills, when applied correctly, will open the door to an amazing world of steep lines, more untracked powder, and first descents. When you can build a solid anchor in rock and snow, you have the keys to the castle! Learn these skills with minimal gear to keep your pack as light as possible.

Expedition Skills: Want to ski in Alaska, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, Chamonix, or Norway? If you don’t yet, you will. Learn some crevasse rescue techniques, navigation anywhere in the world with your smartphone, and more.

Discounted price
Get your discount while it’s still hot! Credit: Mark Smiley

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