The West is Much Wetter and Greener This Year Compared to Last

Brent Thomas | | WeatherWeather
Fields of lavender with Mt. Hood, Oregon, in the background. Credit:

Many know that the spring skiing season in the Pacific Northwest ended very well this year. Additionally, the start of summer has seen comparatively cooler temperatures with continued rainfall. These two factors combined have made it much wetter and greener compared to last year.

Contrast these two satellite images.

2021. Credit:
2022. Credit:

The first picture is from 2021 and the second is from 2022. Notice how much greener it is in 2022. Not just on the western side of the states, but also central and eastern. Also, notice the visible snowpack in the northern cascades and Idaho.

snow water equivalent
The current snow water equivalent is only being reported for Washington right now, but it is all dark blue. Credit:

This bodes well for any drought problems and for the dryland farmers.

The year-to-date precipitation is mostly green and blue as well. Credit:

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