The World’s Tallest Mountains Are Covered In Trash: Advocates Coming Together To Help

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Mount Everest littered with trash. photo credit: mens journal

Mountains: the majestic wonders of nature that provide us with access to outdoor recreation, resources, and countless contributions to the welfare of mankind are sacred and crucial to protect. Essential to our survival, they cover 27% of the earth’s land surface and supply more than half of humanity’s freshwater. As mountains become more and more vulnerable and negatively impacted by climate change, it is necessary that we do our part in preserving them now more than ever. Sadly, some of the world’s tallest mountains are in desperate need of help as they become littered with trash.

Becoming increasingly more aware of this is the Swiss luxury brand, BallyStrongly connected to the Alps, Bally has been sponsoring climbing expeditions, as well as alpine skiing at the Winter Olympics since the early 1900s. Upon realizing the horrific amount of trash littering the iconic peak of Mount Everest, among others, the brand made the decision to initiate the Peak Outlook Foundation. Focusing on preventing and protecting the world’s most fragile mountains, the group returned to Mount Everest in the spring of 2019 to lead a cleanup from base camp to peak.

The Bally Peak Outlook Foundation removing garbage from Mt. Everest. photo credit: Fashionista

Led by environmental activist and mountaineer Dawa Steven Sherpa and his team of expert climbers, the group successfully removed two tons of waste from the mountain. Over half of the trash was collected from an area known as the “Death Zone”, which is located 8,000 meters up and the pressure of oxygen is insufficient to sustain human life for an extended period of time. Upon collaborating with Bally, Steven Sherpa commented, “When I first started climbing in 2007, I was shocked and saddened by the amount of waste abandoned in this magnificent landscape. The following year I made it my goal to pioneer a clean-up mission which to date has recovered over 19.5 tons of trash.”

Mount Everest, as well as other infamous peaks, will only continue to attract more and more visitors. The notable efforts made by Bally, environmental activists, and the Sherpa community are setting a precedence for the rest of humanity. The beauty and purity that mountains symbolize must be preserved moving forward so we must work together to do so. One way in which you can help is through the Bally Peak Outlook Initiative capsule collection. All proceeds go directly toward future expeditions to assist with keeping our mountains clean.

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