There Will Be No New Warren Miller Ski Movie Next Year for the 1st Time in 74 Years

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Credit: Chris Patterson Instagram

For the first time in 74 years, winter 23/24 will be the first winter without a brand new Warren Miller movie. The news comes on the anniversary of the great man’s passing on January 24th, 2018.

The news was announced by director/director of photography Chris Patterson on Instagram. Patterson has been filming Warren Miller movies for thirty years.

According to Patterson, the heartbreaking decision has been made by Outside Inc due to financial challenges. While no new movies will be filmed, future movies will be created from already existing footage.

The decision clearly comes as a shock to the industry, judging by comments on the post. Julia Mancuso replied with “I had no idea! So sad”, and Mike Douglas said “This makes my blood boil.” Ryland Bell added “WOW! Unreal. So Lame! Why buy it just to shut it down?!”

The full statement from Patterson’s Instagram is below:

Apologies for the long read.

January 24th represents many things to me, sadly this is the anniversary of Warren Miller’s passing in 2018 and coincidentally it’s also the day that we traditionally set off each winter to film the annual ski/snowboard movie that bares his name.

However for the first time in my 30 years with @warrenmillerent and for the first time in the companies 74 year history – No one will actually film the movie this winter.

Recently Outside Inc. (the parent company of WM) announced that they will not film a movie this winter. No film crew needed, so guys like @tommday @jeffwright @colindw and me @cinemacp along with many others will be without a contract, an assignment and most importantly without the opportunity to carry on the legacy that Warren left with us, a legacy we respect and honor.

Due to financial challenges at Outside, the executives have chosen to assemble the future movies entirely with “existing footage” – no need for a camera crew, plane tickets, lift tickets and for that matter, no need for athletes or snow.

It’s heartbreaking and I’ve been in disbelief since hearing the news just before Christmas.

I’ve truly loved my career behind that camera, everyday proudly following in Warren’s ski tracks.

I’ve lived a life that is unimaginable, unrepeatable and at times unbelievable.

I’ll cherish the adventures, friendships and every moment that I’ve spent out in the mountains with a camera in my hands and skis on my feet.

Cheers to Warren, it was your voice and passion that inspired me, it was my honor and privilege to serve.

Thank you to my colleagues, especially @haskimoto and cheers to all the amazing athletes that I’ve met along the way. A high five to all the brands, resorts and partners that have trusted me to deliver.

Cheers also to the fans who have filled the theaters year after year.

Thank you to my family who has so tirelessly supported & encouraged my creativity.

Please keep the talented guys I’ve listed above in mind when you need a truly gifted filmmaker.

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15 thoughts on “There Will Be No New Warren Miller Ski Movie Next Year for the 1st Time in 74 Years

  1. Robin Thurston, CEO of Outside is the worst thing to ever hit the outdoor industry. Shuttering Ski Mag, no WME movie, what other clown has done worse? This guy stole my Ski Mag subscription monies and substituted Outside Mag instead, without my permission. A rip-off artist in need of us filing a class action lawsuit to recover our funds.

  2. I saw my first Warren Miller movie in Portland Ore in 1962. It was in Benson High School auditorium. Warren did all the narration live on the stage! Made me a skier for life! Sorry to hear another great event end !

  3. Very disappointing to hear this news. Kicking off ski season with a Warren Miller film has been such a wonderful tradition for our whole family. It always inspired us to ski harder, faster, and better and got us stoked for some awesome adventures.

  4. Thanks, Outside for your incompetence and for destroying a long standing and greatly loved tradition. Fools who never understood what they were doing. I’ve tried to buy past films but was never able to without “joining” this loser company. Sorry for your employees, but burn in endless summer hell.

  5. I loved the “winter Starts Now” film. It focused more on real ski areas and real skiers like most of us are. It reminded me of why I have the passion for skiing. They needed more of that. Bigger mountains are fun for a while, most of the films lost their balance between the extreme skiers and real skiers. My wife and I will start out own tradition and stream a TGR film every fall. Still sad to see the annual tradition at the theater go. It was a time we would run into lot’s of people we knew from the slopes.

  6. As a relative WM newcomer since 5 or so years, their most enjoyable films have been the 70s/80s series. The ski style and outfits feed me nostalgia for a $25 ticket and hot doggin down a gnarly hill. The modern ski films are too often unrelatable full-time professionals skiing here there and every where. Fine if you like slick production and fantasy 720 rodeo flips. But give this GenX a good laugh at the casualness and majestic views that happens when we enjoy skiing

  7. Sad day – no Warren Miller film- never liked the combination of outside magazine coming in to the picture- corporate America cutting a tradition?? Sucks….

  8. I used to love the warren miller movies, but lately, they’ve felt like a BS add for east coast ski resorts. This was the first year that dropped my Warren Miller tradition, opting to watch the innovative YouTube ski content out there instead.

  9. Ya 74 years, pretty sure Warren and his team were able to navigate plenty of challenges thru the many decades, with tireless hard work, relentless dedicationm stubborness and true passsion for the stoke. Lame Outside Inc… fat corporate bonuses over tradition and legacy. GFY.

  10. Wow. This is sad and heartbreaking. I can’t count the hours I have watch and loved Warren Miller movies. I so appreciate the joy excitement and beauty in each. They made us dream about the places we would go and the adventures we would chase. Few of us will ever be able to ski like the incredible athletes in Warren’s movies, but the movies gave us the chance to believe we could feel the wind in our face as they skied incredible lines in amazing places. Thank you to the amazing film makers and crews that made it all possible. My heart is with you and I wish you each the best as you begin your next chapters.. ❤️

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