VIDEO: Visitor Captures Tourist Couple Washing Their Dogs in Yellowstone’s Thermal Water

SnowBrains |

A Yellowstone visitor filmed a tourist couple washing their dogs in thermal water last week, risking serious injury to them and their pets.

I am sad to say this happened today at Firehole Lake Drive.

They were washing their dogs in the Thermal water!!!!!

The stream was runoff from Firehole Lake, and steam can clearly be seen coming off the water.

Yellowstone regulations say that tourists cannot legally exit boardwalks in thermal areas. Pets are not allowed on boardwalks, hiking trails, or in thermal areas. In thermal areas, what appears to be solid ground could crumble into scalding water under the weight of people – hence, the need for boardwalks.

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10 thoughts on “VIDEO: Visitor Captures Tourist Couple Washing Their Dogs in Yellowstone’s Thermal Water

  1. @Hotspringswimmer , don’t drive like an idiot on interstate 80 and I won’t swim and bathe in your hot springs, the best thing that could happen to Nevada is that California expats bring a little class and culture to your state . Nevada’s only core value is gambling and prostitution.

  2. @ doubtfuldave

    As others have pointed out the people in the video are speaking Chinese. There probably wasn’t a sign telling them no.

    You are cleanly not a native Nevadan. And you clearly don’t know the state. There’s dozens upon dozen’s of unmarked unregulated open for swimming hot springs throughout the state. Same rules apply in eastern parts of the Sierra’s as well. Lots of open public lands to go bath in.

    I probably shouldn’t have told you. You’ll probably be on some liberal crusade to close them down.

    I’m saddened that our State is being invaded by people like you that need rules and signs to tell them to be respectful to the land. This state has been open and free to explore for a couple hundred years. Its only been the last 10 years or so with all the California ex-pats has this state been losing its core values. Very sad to see it become Eastern California.

  3. Palisaded settlements were common in Colonial America, for protection against indigenous peoples and wild animals. The English settlements in both Jamestown, Virginia (1607) and Plymouth, Massachusetts (1620) were originally fortified towns surrounded by palisades.

    Triggered Lefty

  4. Triggered lefty…

    Palisade 🙂

    499 names left to change. Get to work buddy. Make the world a better place.

  5. Do your homework & educated yourself.
    c. 1600, “a fence of strong stakes,” from French palissade (15c.), from Provençal palissada, from palissa “a stake or paling,” from Gallo-Roman *palicea, from Latin palus “stake” (from PIE *pakslo-, suffixed form of root *pag- “to fasten”). Earlier in Italian form palisado (1580s). Compare pale (n.). Palisades in the military sense of “close rows of strong pointed wooden stakes fixed in the ground as a defensive fortification” is attested from 1690s. The Palisades for the trap-rock precipices along the Hudson River opposite New York City is by 1823.

    It definitely wasn’t used to keep native prisoner’s in or keep Indians out.

  6. So you’re saying it’s cool that these idjits bathed their dogs in thermal waters in an area that could lead to their deaths or serious injury? Areas that are off limits to tourists and their pets? Also, been in Nevada 28 years. Extensive hot springs travel. Never bathed myself or any of my pups in one.

  7. Nope.

    Slowly but surely you guys will start to learn to think for yourselves and realize many of your are just gobbling up the garbage your phone and TV tell you each day.

    Did you see my comment about how Palisades were a structure used to hold Native American’s as prisoner’s back in the day? Isn’t that great?
    Also there is 500 other landmarks with the word Squaw in the name. You guys better get busy and save everyone from the landmark names.

  8. Don’t move to Nevada. We use hot sprigs all over the state to take baths and clean our dogs.

    Nancy rule makers of the world, please don’t take away our ability to do this…

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