What You Should Consider When Planning a Ski Trip

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With ski season rapidly approaching, skiers are starting to think about upcoming ski trips. Ski trips can be overwhelming, so it is important to remember certain tricks when planning your next ski adventure.

Picking a Resort

There are several amazing mountains to visit for skiing. When considering different options, it is essential to keep in mind that the difficulty of runs is relative to the conditions and terrain of that mountain.


When considering lodging, the right fit for skiers depends heavily on their budget. Condos and hotels that require transportation to get to the mountain base tend to be cheaper because of the location. Although it can be a more complex journey to get to your destination, these options for lodging can be found in more vacant, private areas or in the center of a booming ski town. On the other hand, ski hill-based lodging is super convenient for athletes. The convenience ski hill-based lodging provides is unmatched and allows athletes to utilize their day to its full potential. Unfortunately, ski-based lodging is considerably more expensive. Either option is enjoyable, as one will enable you to branch out, and the other provides incredible convenience.

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Several lodges are on the base of a ski hill. PC: Toa Heftiba


If you are not a habitual skier, you may plan on renting equipment. Renting businesses closer to the mountain are more expensive but more convenient. Most ski-based lodges also provide lockers for equipment, making it even easier to jump onto the hill.


Next, it is important to consider if you are seeking coaching. Ski lessons offered at large-scale ski resorts are incredibly beneficial for skiers. Instructors are typically local, experienced skiers. Even if ski lessons do not sound appealing, instructors also bring students on hidden trails and run that only locals and employees know about. Still, if skiers want to ski independently, skiers should have a map accessible so they do not get stuck on a run they are uncomfortable on.

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A ski school group from Breckenridge Ski Resort. PC: Breckenridge Ski Resort via Facebook


Additionally, skiers need to be cautious of high-altitude sicknesses. To avoid sickness, athletes need to be careful of how much inclination they pursue each day. Too much altitude at once can be overwhelming and cause athletes to experience altitude-related discomfort. It is also vital for skiers to stay hydrated on the mountain. A ski trip is no fun if you can’t make it up the mountain!

Bargain Hunting

Expectedly, ski trips can be expensive. To save money, it is essential to book reservations as far in advance as possible. Not only does this ensure your spot for hotels, restaurants, and lift tickets, but these things are typically cheaper the earlier you purchase them. Another way to save money is through food. Although tempting, ski hill restaurants can be very pricey. To combat that, skiers can pack lunches and prepare dinner at home to save extra money throughout the trip.

Ski trips are such a fantastic experience. Although it may seem like a lot of factors to consider, the memories made on ski trips are 100% worth it.

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