This is How Winter Temperatures in the U.S. Have Changed Over the Last 75 Years

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Credit: Brian Brettschneider Twitter

The infographic above shows the average temperature change in the winter over the last 75 years. The trend was captured by meteorologist Brian Brettschneider using NCEI data.

Every county on the map got warmer. The Northern Plains appear to be seeing the worst of the warming with many areas seeing increases in the 5°F to 7°F range. Almost all of Alaska is white, indicating an over 7°F increase. Many areas of the Northeast are solidly in the 3°F to 5°F range.

This is concerning, especially knowing that just one degree can be the difference between snow and rain. More rain, less snow, and warmer temperatures are a recipe for shorter ski seasons.

Hopefully, rain ponchos don’t become a required piece of ski equipment. Credit:

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