This New Beanie Is Actually A Helmet

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A1 Helmet
The New Helmet Design. Credit AntiOrdinary

Students at the University of Queensland in Australia have designed the future of helmets. Rob Joseph, a biomedical engineer, and Brodie Robinson, a product engineer have just designed the A1 helmet. Except, it’s not really a helmet. it’s more of a beanie.

The A1 is basically a beanie comprised of several different layers that all serve a purpose. The inner layer is a merino wool fabric that provides great insulation. The outer layer is acrylic, which makes it very moisture resistant, and the middle layer is the incredible part of this new product. It is made of a blend of non-Newtonian fluids.

A1 Helmet
The A1 in the field. Credit: AntiOrdinary

Non-Newtonian fluids are an incredible new technology. The material is made up of particles that in normal, slow movement remain in a liquid form. However, when subjected to quick, jerky movement, the particles jam together and harden instantly. Effectively turning a beanie into a helmet right when you need one.

The helmet passes several safety standards. Including ASTM F2040 and EN1077. The same material has already been used in knee pads. Rob and Brodie estimate this helmet will weigh around 2 pounds. While that is a bit heavier than other helmets, the beanie design will make it hard to notice the weight.

The A1 Helmet is set to start a Kickstarter Campaign to raise funding for distribution on January 14th, 2019. Those that would like to become a backer of this product can receive a pre-order of the helmet for around 119$.

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