Three Frozen Bodies Found at 18,000′ in Ecuador Thought to be 1994 French Teama

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Climbing Chimborazo.
Climbing Chimborazo, Ecuador

Three frozen bodies were found on 20,565-foot Chimborazo in Ecuador by mountain guides this past Saturday.  Chimborazo is Ecuador’s highest mountain and is very popular among mountaineers.

Officials in Ecuador suspect that these bodies are from a team of 7 French and 3 Ecuadorian climbers who disappeared on the volcano in 1994 after being struck by a large avalanche.

The bodies were found still wearing their backpacks.  There was even a camera found nearby that may help investigators identify the bodies and learn more about what happened to them.  The bodies were found at a height of 18,470-feet.


Relatives of the missing climbers have been contacted for help in identifying the bodies.

The bodies are being allowed to defrost naturally before examination.  Forensic experts want to avoid damaging the clothing of the dead climbers hoping that the clothes will reveal some clues into who they are and when they perished.

Chimborazo is a dormant volcano that is hugely popular with mountain climbers worldwide.  As with all high elevation environments, Chimborazo is a dangerous place with glaciers, crevasses, and avalanches taking lives regularly.

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