Three Years Gone, But NEVER forgotten R.I.P Sarah Burke

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Three years ago today 1/19/2012 the world lost a great person and skiing lost yet another bright light. Sarah Burke died after a crash in the super pipe while training it Utah. She sustained a dramatic head injury, even with a helmet, and latter died in the hospital.

She is without a doubt one of the, if not the greatest, female skier to come into the game and absolutely dominate the sport on all and every level. She was a four time winter X games gold medalist and won the world championship in the halfpipe in 2005.Possible her biggest contribution to skiing was her part in lobbing International Olympic Committee to have a half pipe event in winter 2014 games. She never lived to see her work come to life.

Additionally she was married to pro skier Rory Bushfield, who in his own right is an amazing skier and all around crazy dude. Together they made possibly the ultimate ski couple feeding off and pushing each other. There is a mini documentary that was produced after her death about them.

Can you image how sick of skiers their kids would have been?

Ski in Peace Sarah




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4 thoughts on “Three Years Gone, But NEVER forgotten R.I.P Sarah Burke

  1. I don’t think it’s inaccurate to say that she suffered a “dramatic head injury”, but it doesn’t tell us much either. If I remember correctly, she tore a major artery in the brain stem area; technically she did not sustain a concussion, rather she lost circulation. scary and sad.

  2. faulty halfpipe should be banned and park city should be banned from holding competitions or building snow parks. rich fags.

  3. park city is a joke. they only allowed snowboarding once the Olympics took on snowboarding. for this reason I could never support these last minute band wagon jumpers. maybe sarah was just doing her job or whatever but don’t accuse me of being jealous the last thing on earth I would ever do is promote that heinous mountain! p.s. who’s dumb idea was it to put halfpipe skiing in the oly’s? halfpipes are not designed for skiis.. and the standard park jump nowadays looks like a freestyle arial ramp for inverted air on skiis so snowboarding those is not really fun if you want to just do straight airs so bad for the public.. don’t really need ramps that steep to cork but whatever.. derp

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