Throwback Thursday: “Dispelling The Rumors – A Uniquely Squaw Valley Ski Movie”

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Remember when rumors abounded at Squaw and there was no un-blurring the line between truth and reality.

Come to think of it, things aren’t much different today.  Once more, rumors abound in Squaw Valley, everyone talks about the possibilities constantly, and the line between truth and reality is dangerously blurred:  Will it ever snow again at Squaw?  Why are they removing The Fingers next year?  Will Squaw finish the tunnel to Alpine?  When will Squaw sell to Vail?  It’s endless.

Well, I can’t dispel all the rumors, but I do know that excavation on the Squaw-Alpine tunnel will start in late May 2019.  It’ll be two lane – no toxic cargo between 1 am and 5 am.

This video was filmed in 2010 at Squaw Valley, USA.

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11 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: “Dispelling The Rumors – A Uniquely Squaw Valley Ski Movie”

  1. I like the “reverse reference” to the Caldecott Tunnel Dangerous Cargo rule!

    That’s funny!

    “It’ll be two lane – no toxic cargo between 1am and 5am.”

  2. The sun shines
    And people forget
    They spray flies as the speedboat glides
    And people forget
    Forget they’re hiding
    The girls smile
    And people forget
    The snow packs as the skier tracks
    And people forget
    Forget they’re hiding.

  3. wow just amazing… you have balls when you ski.. you should go back to squaw and make another video up there

  4. “will start in late May 2013”? Miles, as much as you don’t wanna, you gotta let go of 2013!!

  5. About as painful to watch as those retarded videos “stupid shit snowboarder chicks say” and “I hate Lake Tahoe.”

  6. Please don’t ruin this blog with old reposted material like that other local site. I won’t even view UN any longer due to all of the reposting of the same shitz. You can do better.
    Thanks, keep up the good work.

    1. AGREED. Ever since Miles left UN it has gone to shit.
      We love the original content posted on this site, keep it up!

      1. Thanks for the kind words gents. Was trying to hop on the TBT train a bit, just for fun. Note on reposting noted. thanks.

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