Throwback Thursday: Spring Break in Jackson Hole

Jesse Cassidy |

It’s Thursday, and hence its everyones favorite day to reminisce on the past with the classic #throwbackthursday. We here at Snowbrains thought we would get on the Throwback Thursday Train and highlight some of our best videos from last season, and with roughly four months to go before winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re all itching for snow. This Thursday we take you back to late March with Tydel and myself and our marathon trip out to Jackson to ski the record snowfall in the Tetons.

Tydel JacksonJackson crushed it last season on snowfall receiving 527″ of glorious Wyoming powder. And with all that snow, and some of the most amazing terrain found within the Continental U.S., it made for one hell of a season at Jackson, and a great trip for those from snow starved areas of the country. Tydel and I made the trip out to Jackson in late March, and were greeted with amazing snow conditions and sunny weather the entire time. Once there we wasted no time getting after it, with Tydel dropping Corbets for his first run ever at Jackson, as well as a trip out the gate to Cody Peak, and No Name Peak. Jackson is an amazing mountain worthy of a trip whether you have snow or not.

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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Spring Break in Jackson Hole

  1. I live in JH. Looking for Jesse Cassidy who was 12 in 1989 and entered a hand drawn picture in the photo stamp competition. I have his original drawing if you want it.

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