Throwing Big Tricks Thru Confetti in Slow Motion

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“I got a ski movie fever, and the only solution is…more confetti!” – Chris Bryan Films

Park videos are always interesting, the tricks are always insane, and the production value is always good enough, but the creativity is hit or miss.  This video shows us what a hit looks like.

These guys are using the Phantom camera and jumping with it.  One guy is jumping after the athlete and following him with the camera as the athlete flips and spins big tricks through confetti.

Yeah, confetti.  We’d have never thought this would look so cool, but especially in slow motion, it looks unreal.

They must have had a guy go first and spray the confetti in the air just before the athlete launches.  The result is a very creative edit with confetti hooking onto these athletes as they throw tricks we can only dream of doing.  


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