Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina Report: Thin Weird Chutes Above the Sea

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Report from November 17, 2022

After the success of yesterday’s chute in Ushuaia, Argentina, I went out for another stroll today.

This time for a mellower line that looked fast, weird, and fun.

The morning displayed rough weather, wind violent wind gusts, and pouring rain.

Martial Glacier. image: snowbrains

We spent the morning working and going through the timely process of renting a car that could go to Chile for our adventure to Torres Del Paine, Chile & El Chalten, Argentina, to gawk at towers and harvest some high-quality corn skiing.

I started hiking up the Martial Glacier at about 2 pm.

In 1 hour and 40 minutes, I was standing atop the glacier.

Lower chute weirdness. image: snowbrains

Rockfall was an issue as I waited for the sun.

It finally came after about 20 minutes, and I dropped in.

The corn was perfect.

Happy hiker. image: snowbrains

I sprayed looping turns across the low-angle glacier before entering the 1st of 2 chutes.

This top chute was cooked by the rocks, a bit punchy, pretty rocky, and damn fun.

The second chute was like nothing I’ve ever skied.

Sharp wind lips stuffed into a tight chute with all kinds of different fall lines and angles going on.

Local mounain bikers. image: snowbrains

It all skied great, and I was ecstatic at the bottom.

Tourists were out and about and doing all kinds of things.

A couple of locals were mountain biking down.

I traipsed down the trail with a song in my step and my brain delving into what I should bring for our road trip north.

Another great day in Tierra Del Fuego.

Faint rainbow. image: snowbrains



Tierra Del Fuego

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