Timbersled Rider Dies In Backcountry Avalanche In Garfield County, CO

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CAIC investigating an avalanche in 2013. Image: Helen H. Richardson

According to Steamboat Today, a Routt County was buried and killed by an avalanche in  Garfield County, CO on Tuesday. The victim was riding a timbersled, which is a dirtbike with a snowmobile track on it, when the avalanche occurred. Sean Tyler Searle was with the victim at the time of the slide, he and the victim were buried. Sean was able to free himself and began to look for his friend. Once he found him, he unburied him and began performing cpr on the victim.

Timbersled. Image: Gear Junkie

Sadly, Sean was unable to resuscitate the victim, so he began to look for help. He texted his wife a vague description of what was going on and she contacted search & rescue. Routt County Officials set out and they were able to locate the victim. Sean was already with his wife by the time they located the man, thanks to a search helicopter that flew him to a staging area. Rescue crews found “HELP” carved out in the snow near the body and followed his footprints up to the slide. It was the first avalanche fatality in Colorado this winter. Our thoughts are with the victim’s family and friends.  

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