VIDEO: Snowboarder Triggers Avalanche in Alaska – Be Aware of Dangerous Early Season Conditions

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A snowboarder triggered an avalanche in Tincan’s Common Bowl less than 20-miles south of Alyeska Resort, AK on Friday. The slide was 200-feet wide, traveled 600-feet, and had a 16″ crown.

Snowboarder was able to stay well in front of avalanche after triggering it near the top of the slope. It was very slow, seemed like it cracked then didn’t really start moving for several seconds. Most likely a wind slab, sliding on the last layer of snow we got.

Chugach National Forest Avalanche Information Center

According to the report, there is roughly 2-3-feet of snow in the alpine, over a foot halfway up the trees and maybe 6″ at the road. Probably about 16″ of heavy dense snow fell Thursday night and during the day Friday above treeline.

Remember that if there is enough snow on the ground to make turns on your skis, board or sled then there is enough snow to slide. Be prepared, carry your avy rescue gear, and always travel with a partner. Keep in mind that with minimal ground cover, getting caught in an early-season avalanche means getting pulled over rocks, trees, and stumps. Even an early season avalanche can be fatal.

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Tincan’s Common Bowl, the site of the avalanche.

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