Todd Ligare + ALASKA + Speed = “Point ‘Em”

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Here is your vicious ski porn fix for the day.  Todd Ligare is an Jackson Hole/Atomic athlete who films with TGR and is not afraid to ski fast and take a little air.

This video showcases Todd getting weird in AK on higher level.  

A to the K and two little dots on top.
A to the K and two little dots on top.

Learn More About Todd Ligare in this TGR Interview:

Who has had the biggest influence in your life? Why?   
I don’t think I can pinpoint one; the obvious answers apply, family, friends and various gurus along the way

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your riding? Why?
Ski Racing for sure, although I feel that part of skiing is far behind me now, I know I will always draw some technique and mental skills from that part of my life.

How did you cross over from amateur to pro, is there a story behind it?
I’d have to say I’m still crossing over


What other hobbies / activities are you currently into, what do you do when your not riding?  
Play bass in a band, Robot Monkey Wars.  I also like to watch a lot of movies.

Candle light dinner with girlfriend or McDonalds drive thru on the way to the mountain?
Wait, who’s paying?  Do you have to have a girlfriend for this question to apply?

Where’s the last place you have visited outside the States?  Any notable stories?
I guess the last place was Costa Rica, one of the kids on our trip was pick-pocketed by a transvestite, that was pretty funny.

What’s the last book you’ve read?
The Eye of the I: From Which Nothing is Hidden by Dr. David Hawkins

Europe or AK?

what are you rock’n to on your I-pod / cd player?
The Strange Boys, The Black Angels

Favorite Album of all time?
The Black Keys – RubberFactory
What’s the scariest thing that has happened to you while riding?
When I was little I accidently skied out of bounds and got lost in the woods, I ended up having to walk across a river in my ski boots.

Where’s your favorite place to ride? Why?
Utah, there’s a lot of places to ride that are really close to each other yet very different and they all get a lot of snow and sun.

What’s the Best Trip you’ve been on? 
The trips I’ve made to Hawaii,  I have a strong feeling my first heli trip will change my mind

Favorite Movies: The Darjeeling Limited, Rules of Attraction, The King of California

Thongs: trend or a mainstay in female fashion?
Mainstay, duh

Any parting words?
Thanks to all my support; Dynastar, Lange, Look, Shred Optics, Cole Sport and all the TGR folk

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