Tokyo Electric Power Co. Admits Radioactive Material is Leaking Into Sea Right Now

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Radioactive-Seawater-Impact-Map-March-2012“A Japanese utility said Monday its crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is likely leaking contaminated water into sea, acknowledging for the first time a problem long suspected by experts.” – huffington post

The Fukishima nuclear disaster of 2011 was clearly a terrible occurrence.  But, it was great for skiers and snowboarder the following winters as tourism was down 50% in Japan and everything in the ski industry was extremely discounted (at Furano they were offering a room, a ticket, breakfast, and access to the spa for $65/day/person in 2012).

Great cheap snow in Japan 2012

Now, we are seeing even given the cheap prices of 2012, this Fukushima nuclear disaster is truly terrible for skiers, snowboarders, and surfers.  After long denying any leakage at the Fukishima nuclear plant, the Tokyo Electric Powder Company (TEPC) is now admitting to nuclear material currently leaking from the damaged plant, into the groundwater, and into the sea.

“We are very sorry for causing concerns. We have made efforts not to cause any leak to the outside, but we might have failed to do so.”  – TEPC spokesman Masayuki Ono

2013 Japan Highlight Video

The reason that this confirmation of leakage at Fukushima is so terrible is that now we know for sure that no only did we get blasted by radiation via air transport immediately after the disaster in 2011, but now we know that we are all getting continually hit with this leaked radiation via the ocean transport.

Fukushima Diaiichi during disaster
Fukushima Diaiichi during disaster

This is especially scary for surfers as this stuff is pouring straight into our eyes, noses, sinuses, ears, and mouths every time we get in the water.  Yes, it’s a low dose, but even a low does can have long term effects.  Workers at Fukushima are already feeling the negative effects from radiation exposure.

“Ono (TEPC spokesman Masayuki Ono) said that an estimated 1,972 plant workers, or 10 percent of those checked, had thyroid exposure doses exceeding 100 millisieverts – a threshold for increased risk of developing cancer – instead of the 178 based on checks of 522 workers reported to the World Health Organization last year.”huffington post

There isn’t much we can do about this leakage from here, but hopefully Japan solves this problem as soon as possible.  We simply can’t have radiation continually leaking into our most precious resource:  the ocean.

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