Tony Hawk Back on Skateboard Just 2-Weeks After Breaking His Femur

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Just two weeks after breaking his femur, legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk is back on his board. Hawk shared a video to Instagram yesterday of himself in the exact spot where he suffered the potentially career-ending injury earlier this month.

Exactly two weeks ago, I broke my femur in this very spot on my ramp. Here are some updates that have transpired during that time:

I have been invited to present an Oscar at the Academy Awards (!?), greatly expediting my wishful timeline for walking unaided. In other words, I don’t plan to crutch my way across the stage. Hopefully you’re not watching the 4K feed so you won’t see me grimacing with each step. And thanks to Gucci for providing clothes to my wife and I for the occasion since we don’t have a closet full of Oscar-appropriate apparel.

The @pollen Weekend Jam in Vegas is very much still on. It starts on May 12 (coincidence? Actually, yes) and I plan to skate during our legends jam that night. I am not defying doctors’ orders by doing so, and

I realize I might not be at 100% trick / power capacity by that time. But I have a lot of grit… and many 80’s tricks as backup.

Until the wheels fall off,


I broke my ankle skiing in January 2014, and was back on skis by the end of the season. I wish I’d only had two weeks off!

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