TOO Cold to Snow??

Emily Crofton | | BrainsBrains
Arctic temperatures blast the UK. (photo:

Is it possible for it to be too cold to snow? Thoughts surrounding this theory have been discussed in the UK as they brace for another bitterly cold winter season. With temperatures dropping well below freezing, the question for many Brits is whether such freezing temperatures will affect the snowfall.

Snowflakes are formed when the temperature of the clouds is below freezing. In order for the snow to fall to the ground, the temperature of the air between the clouds and the ground must also be below freezing to prevent melting. One crucial element in the process, humidity, provides the necessary moisture to form snowflakes. With such dry and freezing temperatures, the question shifts to whether or not it is too dry to snow.

Is climate change to blame? Authors Simon King and Clare Nasir released their book called “What Does Rain Smell Like?” where they discuss weather and climate patterns, as well as climate modification. The following video focuses on how engineering could be utilized to reverse the effects of climate change.

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