Top 20 Deepest Snowpacks in North America

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Mt. Bachelor, OR
Mt. Bachelor, OR has had a big year.

Spring is powerfully rushing into North America this month.  In fact, most ski resorts in North America will be closing this weekend.  Resorts with big snow totals and snow depths are still hanging tough and providing classic spring skiing.  In a year as lean as this was in most locales, it’s great to see how many resorts have over 100″ deep snowpacks.  North America is most impressive for its diversity and that can really be seen in snow depths around the continent.  Here are the places that are sitting prettiest right now.

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 Top 6 Best Spring Skiing Resorts in North America:  

Grand Targhee this year
Grand Targhee this year


#1.  Mt. Baker, WA = 174″

#2.  Alpental, WA = 171″

#3.  Mt. Bachelor, OR = 148″

Mt. Bachelor webcam today
Mt. Bachelor webcam today

#4.  Timberline Lodge, OR = 147″

#5.  Stevens Pass, WA = 141″

#6.  White Pass, WA = 140″

#7.  Grand Targhee, WY = 131″

#8.  Cypress Mountain, B.C. = 129″

Alpental webcam today, still snowing...
Alpental webcam today, still snowing…

#9.  Mt. Seymour, B.C. = 127″ 

#10.  Grouse Mountain, B.C. = 126″

#11.  Crystal Mountain, WA = 115″

#12.  Mt. Hood Meadows, OR = 109″

#13.  Snowbird, UT = 108″

Snowbird webcam today
Snowbird webcam today

#14.  Alta, UT = 108″

#15.  Big Sky, MT = 107″

#15.  Copper Mountain, CO = 107″

Brighton webcam today
Brighton webcam today

#17.  Solitude, UT = 104″

#18.  Powder King, B.C. = 102″

#19.  Brighton, UT = 101″

#20.  Alyeska, AK = 94″

Alyeska on April 8th, 2014.
Alyeska on April 8th, 2014.

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15 thoughts on “Top 20 Deepest Snowpacks in North America

  1. So many errors and omissions still remain, why? These are just the ones I saw now and knew about off the top of my head, there may be other omissions too:

    Missing areas:
    Stevens Pass, WA 140″
    White Pass, WA 136″ (still open weekends), see for the correct current snowdepth
    Crystal Mountain, WA 115″
    Boreal, CA 109″

    Other errors:
    Mt Hood Meadows is 144″, not 109″ — you’re using mid or top depths for other areas, so need to use it for Meadows too.
    #6,7,8 are in the wrong order.
    You have two tied at #10, so the next after that must be #12, not #11 — you have to skip a number for each tied value.
    Similarly for the two currently tied at #11, the one after those must skip a number also. Although all of those will need to be renumbered and moved down a lot given how many are missing above them.

    This one was even more poorly researched and had more errors than most of these lists that are posted online. The similar lists from Unofficial Networks also have the same issues every single time they appear.

    I’m not trying to be mean or spiteful, but just curious why you would publish something online which was originally missing more than half of the REAL top-ten snowpacks, thus being almost completely wrong and highly misleading. I write and post a lot of material online (trip reports, weather and snowpack analyses, etc), have run a well-known ski mountaineering website since 1997, and making things as error-free as possible is a difficult, painstaking process. It’s better to try to get things at least close to correct prior to posting. If unsure of accuracy, it’s best to delay posting until after proper fact-checking, or simply not post at all.

    1. AA, we had an off day. Thanks so much for the info. Got what we were missing in there. We missed a few resorts that we thought were closed but are open on weekends. thanks.

      1. Thanks for making several fixes to the list. Making an accurate list like this is not trivially easy. You may have had an off day, but you missed many that are still open 7 days a week: Timberline, Mt Hood Meadows, Stevens, Crystal, and Boreal are still open 7 days a week, so your weekend-only reason is not completely valid. The fact is, the real top-ten list would have shown no UT or CO resorts at all, only WA, OR, BC, and WY.

        And many errors still remain:
        Boreal is still missing from the list.
        Mt Hood Meadows is still incorrectly listed at 109″ instead of 144″.
        Whistler had a depth of 95″ as of April 16 (now up to 96″ today April 17), so that is also missing ahead of Alyeska.
        #4-5 are in the wrong order.
        Grand Targhee is misspelled with 3 e’s.

  2. Abasin under reports their base. They’re open till June 1. That should tell you all you need to know.

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