Top 10 DEEPEST Snowpacks In North America Right Now:

Chris Wallner | | WeatherWeather
Alpental, WA. Image: Cliff Rosson

It’s the beginning of March and all of the top 10 deepest snowpacks in North America are well over 100″.  It looks like there’s more snow on tap for the west, so look for those PNW and BC snowpacks to grow. Along with that, some CA resorts could get in the game after this massive storm passes through. This season has been good for portions of the West, but the key is to go north.

Top 10 DEEPEST Snowpacks In North America:

Mt. Baker, WA. Image: Rylan Schoen

1. Mt Baker, WA: 241″

2. Alpental, WA: 210″

Mt Seymour, BC. Image: Mt Seymour Facebook Page

3. Massif du Sud, QUE: 198″

4.Mt. Seymour, BC: 177″ 

Cypress Mountain, BC. Image: Cypress Facebook Page

5. Grouse Mountain, BC: 171″

6Cypress Mountain, BC: 166″

Whitefish Mountain Resort, MT. Image: Whitefish Facebook Page

7. Sasquatch Mountain, BC: 149″

8. Whitefish, MT: 155″

Timberline Lodge, OR. Image: Timberline Facebook Page

9. Timberline Lodge, OR: 137″

10. Grand Targhee Resort, WY: 130″

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