Top 10 Deepest Snowpacks in North America:

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Eaglecrest, AK.  photo:  eaglecrest
Eaglecrest, AK. photo: eaglecrest

It’s been an interesting year for snow in North America.  That said, the ski resorts with the most snow in North America aren’t too different from a usual year.  Alaska, Washington, and British Columbia generally dominate this list and this year is no exception.

Everyone keeps talking about what a bad year Washington is having, but they have 100 inches of snow on the ground.  How bad could it be?  We know that snow humans in California are jealous of that base.

ski resort
Alpental, WA. photo:


(Snow depths are as reported by each ski resort’s website at upper mountain locations at 1am PST on January 31st, 2014.  This list was complied by

#1 = Eaglecrest, AK = 124″

#2 = Alpental, WA = 101″

#3 = Mt. Baker, WA = 91″

#4 = Stevens Pass, WA = 84″

#5 = Grand Targhee, WY = 83″

Grand Targhee, WY.  January 23rd, 2014.  photo:
Grand Targhee, WY. January 23rd, 2014.  photo:

#5 = Whitefish, MT = 83″

#7 = Big White, B.C. = 81″

#8 = Lookout Pass, ID = 79″

#9 = Blacktail Mountain, MT = 78″

#10 = Kimberley, B.C. = 74″

kimberly ski resort
Kimberly, B.C.

Places We Wish Had More Snow:

Squaw Valley, CA = 25″

Mammoth, CA = 25″

Mt. Ashland, OR = 4″ (currently closed)

Mad River Glen, VT = 16″ (closed past month, just opened again)

Squaw Valley, CA. January 29th, 2014. photo:

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15 thoughts on “Top 10 Deepest Snowpacks in North America:

  1. Glad to hear M.R.G. is having a terrible year. Which is odd as it seems the east has been rocked quite a bit. Maybe the ULLR doesn’t like Skier elitist NAZIS.

  2. The base number listed for Alpental is for the summit. The base of the mountain is still very lightly covered. They also don’t take into account all the rain melt that has happened there. Although not as bad as Cali, Washington is having a tough season as far is building/keeping snow pack. The storm cycle has been lacking to say the least. Nothing like Tahoe though so I cant complain.

  3. PLease continue to not report about my local mountain on i70 in Colorado that nobody skis and has a ton of snow and tons of terrain, thank you

  4. Ha Ha Kimberley is full of shit!
    I could not even probe up to my handle around the hill today!
    There is 40″ at best!!!!!
    They do this every year, this year though they are reporting more than whitewater , fernie or revy….

    1. Kimberley is not full of shit. My ski pole is longer than a metre and I pushed it through the base and didn’t hit bottom. I have been up there 7 time in the last 3 weeks. They have the best skiing around. U have no idea what u r talking about.

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