Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Awesome That It Doesn’t Snow in Tahoe Anymore

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No Snow Lake Tahoe.
No Snow Lake Tahoe.

It hasn’t truly snowed in Lake Tahoe since last season when Squaw Valley got 728″ of snow in one winter.  We’re currently staring another drought year square in the face.  Need I remind you about the historic drought years of 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15?  No?  Good.

Since it doesn’t snow in Tahoe anymore, we thought we’d look in on the bright side of a snowless Tahoe and highlight some of the reasons why it’s actually awesome that it doesn’t snow in Tahoe anymore!




#10 = Year Round Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking rocks!
Mountain Biking rocks!

Now that it doesn’t snow in Tahoe anymore, you can rip around on a bike year round.

Weeee – bikes…

Instead of feeling sketched out about getting injured mountain biking because it could ruin your ski season, you’ll be feeling exactly the opposite.  Now, you’ll be sketched out skiing because you won’t wanna get hurt for mountain biking season.

But, maybe not, since you can mountain bike on dry dirt in Tahoe 365 days per year these days.


#9 = Not Having to Ski Scary Lines

Shane McConkey on McConkey's (Eagle's Nest) at Squaw Valley, USA. photo: keoki flagg
Shane McConkey on McConkey’s (Eagle’s Nest) at Squaw Valley, USA. photo: keoki flagg

No powder = No Fingers.  

No powder = No Chimney.  

No powder = No Mainline Pocket.  

No powder = no McConkey’s.  

No powder = no having to ski anything scary in Tahoe ever again.  

What is Tahoe known for anyway?  Tahoe is known for big snowfall and scary terrain.  Take away the big snowfall and you take away the scary terrain.  You can wake up everyday knowing that you won’t have to scare yourself at all!  No nerves, no worries, no anxiousness, just terrifically dull monotony.  Although, the White Ribbon of Death can be a pretty scary experience unto itself.  Especially if the Andy Hays is out there…


#8 = Backcountry Ice Skating

Backcountry ice skating done properly.
Backcountry ice skating done properly.

No snow = perfect skating ice in Tahoe.  

Grab your skates, find a lake on a map, hike there, go skating.  

Beautiful, smooth, black ice awaits you all winter in the Tahoe region without the pesky problem of snow messing up your natural rink.  

Since backcountry ice skating has become so popular in Tahoe, Surefoot boot fitters in Lake Tahoe are now offering custom-fitted ice skates since no one buy ski boots anymore.  Thanks guys!


#7 = Sleep In Every Day

Sleep on, brotha.
Sleep on, brotha.

Yeah, powder days were great.  

No question.  

But, waking up at 5am to be in line by 6am for 5th chair on KT-22 and then waiting around for 3 hours for the chair to open wasn’t awesome.  

Now that it doesn’t snow in Tahoe anymore, waking up and suffering in line for 3 hours is a thing of the past!

These days in Tahoe, there is NO reason to wake up before 9:30am and generally no need to be on the hill before 11am.  

Pure bliss.

Don't have to pay this guy anymore.
Don’t have to pay this guy anymore.

This one goes directly into your bank account.  

In Squaw Valley, you can save $850 per winter by NOT paying for snow removal.  

If you do pay, you’re simply giving the snow removal guy free money.  

C’mon, we all know he’s been crushing it the last bunch of years.  

Ha, when was the last time you even saw the guy?  April 2017?

He never has to remove any snow and now lives in Hawaii on the pure profit he makes from your snow removal contracts.


#5 = No Choking on Faceshots

Jamie Blair getting adangerous faceshot at Squaw Valley that ended up sending him to the hospital for 6 days. photo: casey cane
Jamie Blair getting adangerous faceshot at Squaw Valley that ended up sending him to the hospital for 6 days. photo: casey cane

In 2017, choking on faceshots became a serious problem.

It was common to hear frightening statements like this one:

“Bro!!  Goddamn!!  I almost passed out!!  I was getting over-the-head faceshots – it was so deep – it was barreling down my throat.  Couldn’t get a single breath!  It was like shotgunning 4 beers in a row!  Sick!!”

Sick is right.  

Faceshots barreling down your throat can lead to some significant medical issues.

There were over 79 unconfirmed pneumonia cases at the Squaw Valley Medical Clinic due to faceshot inhalation in March 2017 alone.


#5 = Girls Wear Less Clothing

Bare legs are in Tahoe's future. photo: snowbrains
Bare legs are in Tahoe’s future. photo: snowbrains

Lets face it, in a ski town in the winter, you really don’t ever get to see girls in anything other than big, puffy, wonky ski clothes.  

Now that it doesn’t snow anymore in Tahoe, girls will wear a heckofa lot less clothing and show a helluva lot more skin.  

More explanation of why this is a good thing shouldn’t be needed.


#4 = No Need for Tire Chains

Putting chains was never fun.
Putting chains was never fun.

There’s no two ways about it:  Chains suck.

You either suffer through skinning your knuckles in wet, grimy snow, or you pay $30 to a guy in a yellow rain suit to do the suffering for you.

Either way, your feelings get hurt.  

But it’s not just your feelings getting hurt that sucks.  

The whole drive up to Tahoe you’re dreading when you’ll have to stop and put chains on.  To add insult to injury, Caltrans makes you wear chains on snowless roads where they tear up your car and prohibit you from going faster than 30mph.

Now that it doesn’t snow in Tahoe anymore, you’ll never have to go through this dread, suffering, nor psychological chain damage.  Excellent.


#3 = You Can Wear Flip Flops Year Round

Wether on a boat or not, Flip Flops rule.
Wether on a boat or not, Flip Flops rule.

There hasn’t been snow in town or at the base of the mountain at Fing all this year!  

It’s sunny everyday during winter up here.  

You can wear flip flops to the bar, to the grocery store, to the mountain, on dates, to work, and on the uphill while “backcountry skiing.”  

Make sure to not put suncreen on your feet, though.

The flip-flop tan is the new goggle tan, Tahoe people.


#2 = No Avalanches

Avalanches suck...
Avalanches suck…

This one is simple.  

Avalanches suck.  

No avalanches = no buddies getting caught in avalanches.  

Now that it doesn’t snow in Tahoe anymore, no one has to get caught in avalanches and get hurt or worse.  Sweet.


#1 = No Snow Shoveling

Shoveling snow sucks.
Shoveling snow sucks.

This is easily #1.

Snow shoveling is the worst thing on planet Earth.  

You come home from a vicious powder day – you’re exhausted, you’re hungry, you just want to relax.  

But NO!

You have to put all your clothes on, go back outside and shovel all the goddamned snow that fell during the day while you were ripping deep pow.  

Now that it doesn’t snow in Tahoe anymore, you can come home refreshed from not skiing powder all day, you’re not even that hungry because you haven’t been working that hard on the groomers, and you can go straight inside, take off all those pesky ski clothes, put your feet up on the coach, eat a bag of Cheetos and get fat while watching it not snow outside.

Absolute perfection.

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18 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Awesome That It Doesn’t Snow in Tahoe Anymore

  1. You forgot to mention that it is also easier for resorts like Squaw to repair inferior sub schedule 80 piping for snowmaking and sewer lines in the winter months than in the more difficult summer/offseason months.

    Maybe they should soon start on the replacement of Red Dog and GC chairs with detachables they promised as well, before permits expire, seeing they don’t groom RD dog leg after making snow anyways.

    1. Hold it hold it buddy. Didn’t you see all the terrific snowmaking taking place in the “Adventure Zone?” They ALWAYS make time to groom that area, and there is ample snow for the tubing park. I see a groomer reshaping and sculpting that nearly everyday. I was super thankful to see them blowing snow, every opportunity they could leading up to the Holidays for this area, while the guns along the dog leg and entire mountain run sat silent.

      At least we are capturing the tourists tubing $$!

      And thank God for Johnny Mosley advertising 101.5 for lift ops starting at $10.50/hr. Maybe when they get some more emps to run the lifts things can start coming off “wind hold.”

      1. More tourists on tubes is more room for regs. I bet things will be much more functional at Squaw once the development gets underway.

    2. Pipe is broken AGAIN half way down the Mountain Run. Been trying to fix since Christmas.
      Oops, I forgot they laid off their good mechanics. At Alpine they’ve had approvals and I think
      all the parts to replace/extend Hot Wheels Chair for over a year. I heard they used the
      funding instead to buy golf courses in the UK.

  2. 11. You forgot that 3 years ago everyone ran out and bought superwide fat powder skis ,120/130/400 etc. That’s like If you have an umbrella it won’t rain. The few left in the shops are 70 or 80% off.

    I’m going to check the skis I had at Alpine last Friday. 66mm or 78 mm which were perfect for the conditions.

  3. Great article. Editor needs to learn your vs you’re. No snow means you can go to school and learn the English language:)

  4. Disagree. There are NO. Good reasons it isn’t snowing. Jons, the economy, all the tourists that prolly cancelled, people moving to utah, well that could be good, there are so many, some id rather not mention due to the simple fact THAT WE NEED SNOW FOR OUR ECONOMY! I am shocked the mayor did not chime in or at least get in touch with the editor and let it be known… Ths isn’t funny.lll this is NOT a joke. We need snow like bears need to hibernate, or did they even this winter…..scary.

    What is creating it, I have ideas however would like to know, you know, that thing called the truth that we used to hear……

    Unreal. Making someone’s misfortantes into a joke. They obv have no self respect or they would be as pissed off as any “real” skier. WHere are they all……..

    I know where the snow is. Just go,

  5. #5 with the girls is mammoth mountain
    Except now it’s probably the most expensive place to ski in California.
    It has the best snow in California.

  6. This stupid article again. Its not any more funny this time. Actually more sad and scary this time around. One decent year and one good years and back to drought. Last year was a few degrees away from a deluge.

  7. Uh, it’s Feb 2019 and I predict records to be broken in snow fall. It just took us 17 hours to reach Heavenly Village from SF thanks to a mini avalanche and a big rig stall out and multiple crashes due to icy roads.

    I love the powder but Elon Musk and his Boring company need to make tunnels from Folsom and Roseville to South Lake and North Lake Tahoe respectively. Otherwise I’m staying loyal to Park City, Bear Valley, and Canada. I love Tahoe but mostly hate Tahoe because it’s so horrible driving here.

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