The Top 10 Ski Costumes:

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In the spirit of Halloween, we thought we’d give this a stab.  Granted, not many ski resorts are ever open on Halloween.  In addition, it’s damn cold at a ski resort on Halloween.  Neither of these two facts contribute to elaborate costume wearing at ski resorts on Halloween itself.

That said, costumes are an integral part of any decent ski society.  It doesn’t matter where you go, people find some sort of heinous fashion freedom when skiing.  Hideous hats, jackets, pants and one-pieces are commonplace; making the small leap to full-on costume wearing an easy one.

St. Patty’s day, gaper day, pond crossings, Pain McShlonkey Classic weekend, spring break, and basic weekends have all been cause for flagrant and inappropriate costume wearing at ski resorts across America.

We know we may not have all the best costumes ever skied or boarded in below, but these are some gems.  If you know of better, please send us a photo.

Happy Halloween!


Saucer Boy at Squaw Valley.
Saucer Boy at Squaw Valley.  photo:  Grant Kaye

#1 = Saucer Boy

– There is no arguing that Saucer Boy is the best ski costume of all time.  It’s fun, it’s funny, it makes fun of all of us wanna-be-pro-skiers, and anyone can create their own version of it.  Thanks Shane.


#2 = Kentucky-Fried-Jack-In-The-Box

– This is simple geniosity.  The work that went into this outfit, the actual greasy fried chicken against the chest, the mohawk, the originality, the bib, and the fact that he even got part way across the pond with fried chicken in his armpits is impressive.

Robb and Scott Gaffney as ???
Robb and Scott Gaffney as Water skiing ballerinas?

#3 = Ski Boat with Water Ski Ballerinas

– We know that Robb & Scott Gaffney have had better costumes at Squaw Valley’s Cushing Crossing over the years, but this was the only photo we cold finds of the brothers at the crossing and it ain’t a half bad outfit.  If you wanna see good ski costumes, Cushing Crossing at Squaw is the place.

Big Baby
Big Baby

#4 = Big Angry Baby

– Yeah, we know, this costume is too simple, but that’s what really hits you.  When you’re skiing behind this guy, laughing, then he stops and turns around and looks at you with the angry baby face, you’re hit hard with the full sensation of skin + diaper + skis + angry baby face.  It’s an impact that will stay with you for years.  Thanks Jamie…

Naked. Her costume looks fun, too.
Naked with no poles?  Dangerous.  Her costume looks fun, too.

#5 = Naked

– Yes, it’s obvious.  Naked skiing is going to get you the biggest impact.  Yes, we know, this should be #1.  And really it is, but some would say it’s not exactly a costume, it’s too provocative, it’s nasty, whatever.  We brought it down to number 5.  But you and I know it’s #1…


#6 = Pooing While Skiing

– Bathroom humor is always king.  This guy gets a D for construction and detail, but an A for balls, coffee cup in hand, and ability to ski while pooing.

Albino Gorrila suit
Albino Gorilla suit

#8 = The Gorilla Suit

– Obviously, this is no fancy costume.  It’s not creative, it’s not extravagant, and it shows no skin.  That said, the gorilla suit is quintessential to the skiing and snowboarding experience.  Very few people will even get away with a single season without seeing someone in a gorilla suit.  Even though it is mundane, it’s an essential part of any good ski costume situation.  Someone has got to wear the gorilla suit.

The Camel
The Camel

#9 = The Camel

– This simply makes the list because it’s weird, it’s creepy, it’s gross, it’s phallic, it’s hard to look at, and it takes some serious tandem skiing skills.  Would you like to be in this camel?  No, me neither.  Regardless, paired outfits are another important piece to any skiing costume melee.  Someone has gotta get in the Camel…


Stupid Sexy Flanders
Stupid Sexy Flanders

#10 = Stupid Sexy Flanders

– We know, this should be higher up on the list.  Remember the Simpson’s skiing episode?

“Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all..  nothing at all…  nothing at all…” – Ned Flanders

“Stupid Sexy Flanders!” – Homer Simpson

If you didn’t see it, get yourself together, man!

Feels like Im wearing nothing at all... nothing at all... nothing at all...
“Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all… nothing at all… nothing at all…”

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