TOP GUN: The 6 Award Winning All-Mountain Skis of 2015

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The 2015 Atomic Rituals in Rusutsu, Japan in 2014.  photo:  Txema Trull
Miles Clark on the 2015 Atomic Rituals in Rusutsu, Japan in 2014. photo: Txema Trull

The one quiver ski?  The everyday ski?  The ski that can do it all?  Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  In this day and age, it isn’t.  There are some beefy All-Mountain skis out there that you can rip with on the daily.  If you go a bit shorter in length, these things will even hit the park well.

The only conditions these ski might not be perfectly perfect for is extremely deep powder.  For those riduculously deep days, it’s good to have an obnoxiously large powder ski.  Unfortunately, those stupidly deep days only come so often and for just about all other days, these award winning all-mountain skis will generally do the trick.


2015 Nordica NRGY 100
2015 Nordica NRGY 100

SKI:  2015 Nordica NRGY 100

AWARD: Editors’ Choice Award

2015 Nordica NRGY 100
2015 Nordica NRGY 100

– gave their Editors’ Choice Award to 5 all-mountain skis this year, but the Nordica NRGY 100 got the highest rating of them all.

– PIck up a pair of Nordica NRGY 100 at  2015 Nordica NRGY 100

  • Lengths :  161, 169, 177, 185cm
  • Turning Radius:  19.5m (177cm)
  • Sidecut:  136-100-120mm

What had to say about the NRGY 100:

2015 Nordica NRGY 100 ski review. OnTheSnow tested this ski as part of its All-Mountain Back Category. A new ski from Nordica, the NRGY 100 debuts Torsion Bridge Technology—a sheet of Titanal with strategic geometric shapes removed for weight reduction as well as torsional rigidity, resulting in “a hard-charging, big-line ski,” according to Witman. “It’s stiff, loves the steeps and creates energy in the turn.” Testers scored it highest for carving and stability, average for playfulness. “Not quite a race feel, but it has a good blend of stiffness and forgiveness,” says Smid. Nordica borrows the tip shape from their freeride skis and adds a tapered tail and tip rocker to the 100-mm-waisted wood core NRGY 100 to create what Zawacki calls “a great one-ski quiver.”–


SKI:  2015 Blizzard Samba

AWARD:  Freeskier Magazine Editors’ Pick Award

2015 Blizzard Samba
2015 Blizzard Samba

– Freeskiing Magazine gave 13 all-mountain skis the “Editor’s Pick Award”, but the Blizzard Samba outranked the rest.  This is a women’s specific ski.

– PIck up a pair of Blizzard Samba at  2015 Blizzard Samba

  • Lengths :  152, 159, 166, 173cm
  • Turning Radius:  19m (173cm)
  • Sidecut:  131-98-116mm

What Freeskier had to say about the 2015 Blizzard Samba:

It’s rare that we see a perfect 5 in any category, but the Blizzard Samba skis have achieved perfection in the carving department. “The Samba is a great choice for solid skiers who are looking for a day-to-day crusher,” said one tester. Another wrote, “Fast, fun, reliable. Really solid in all conditions.” A flat tail powers through turns, and its rocker-camber-rocker construction ensures you’ll have just as much fun off-piste as you do nuking on the frontside. – Freeskier Magazine


SKI:  2015 Faction Prodigy

AWARD:  Skiing Magazine’s All-Mountain “Ski of the Year”

2015 Faction Prodigy.
2015 Faction Prodigy.

– Skiing Magazine’s All-Mountain “Ski of the Year” award was given to the Faction Prodigy.  Clean and simple, we like it.  

  • Lengths :  168, 174, 178, 184cm
  • Turning Radius:  19.5m (178cm)
  • Sidecut:  136 – 98 – 126mm (168cm)

What Skiing Magazine had to say about the 2015 Faction Prodigy:

According to one excitable tester, the Prodigy “lights up the groomers.” Another called it “a beautiful ski in soft snow.” Its capabilities are many and its fun factor is through the roof. It will buck you a bit if you don’t stay on your game, but overall it’s a graceful everyday, all-mountain ski that’s fearless in everything but the super deep. The Prodigy is a clear winner. – Skiing Magazine


SKI:  2015 Blizzard Black Pearl

AWARD:  Ski Magazines Gold Medal Gear

2015 Blizzard Black Pearl.
2015 Blizzard Black Pearl.

– Ski Magazine gave 7 all-mountain skis its Gold Medal Gear award, but the Blizzard Black Pearl received their highest ranking.  This is a women’s specific ski.

– PIck up a pair of K2 Annex 118s at  2015 Blizzard Black Pearl

  • Lengths :  152, 159, 166, 173cm
  • Turning Radius:  18m (173cm)
  • Sidecut:  123  – 88 – 110mm

What Ski Magazine had to say about the 2015 Blizzard Black Pearl:

The Black Pearl is so versatile, it’s almost a shapeshifter, transforming into whatever you desire: damp super-G ski one minute, agile tree slalomer the next. It’s powerful yet forgiving, knifey yet smooth, responsive yet stable. It has the same shape as the men’s Brahma-gradual rocker tip and tail for float and ease, flat underfoot with sturdy sidewalls for grip-but with a significantly lighter core. It also boasts Flip Core, which takes advantage of the wood’s natural bow so there’s no need to force it into rocker. “Just like an Audi A4: fast and sporty but with AWD when you need it,” said Tracy Gibbons. – Ski Magazine


SKI:  2015 Atomic Ritual

AWARD:  Powder Magazine Skier’s Choice Award

2015 Atomic Ritual
2015 Atomic Ritual

– Powder Magazine doesn’t rank their awarded All-Mountain Skis.  We chose the Atomic Ritual from their 19 All-Mountain skis given the Skier’s Choice Award because we love this ski on a personal level and it’s our go to, everyday ski.  This thing even skis park great.

Pick up the Atomic Ritual at  2015 Atomic Ritual

  • Lengths :  174, 182, 190cm
  • Turning Radius:  19 (182cm)
  • Sidecut:  137.5 – 103 – 123.5mm

What Powder Magazine had to say about the 2015 Atomic Ritual:

Friends often ask me what ski does it all and doesn’t require skiing untracked at Mica Heli on the regular. For the second year in a row, I direct them to the wood-core Ritual, with 20 percent rocker in the tip, regular camber underfoot, and 15 percent rocker in the tail. A titanium “backbone” combined with stepdown sidewall construction answers the call for strength and rigidity. A bigger radius in the tip and smaller one in the tail allow for easier turn initiation on hardpack or off-piste. Meanwhile, the tail releases when coming out of another beauty turn on piste, crud, pow, or even bumps.  – Powder Magazine


SKI:  2015 K2 Wayback 96

AWARD:  Backcountry Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award

2015 K2 Wayback 96
2015 K2 Wayback 96

– Backcountry Magazine’s all-mountain ski that received the Editors’ Choice Award.

Pick up a pair of the K2 Wayback 96s at  2015 K2 Wayback 96

  • Lengths:170, 177, 184cm
  • Dimensions:128 – 96 – 118mm
  • Radius:  27m (178cm)
  • Weight/Pair: 6 lbs. 613oz. (188cm)

What Backcountry Magazine had to say about the 2015 K2 Wayback 96:

+ “Very poppy, quick, nimble and stable on soft snow.”
Tip and tail rocker makes is ski a little short, so size accordingly.
= Light, damp, a quiver killer for day in, day out tourers where inconsistent snow is the norm. –  Backcountry Magazine

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