TOP GUN: The 3 Award Winning Women’s Skis of 2016

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"Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby." - Maverick
“Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby.” – Maverick

Top Gun = the Best of the Best.

These are the sexiest, tower-buzzingest Women’s Skis on the market as decided by the most reputable sources in the industry who put in the energy to test every 2016 Women’s Ski out there.

We’ve aggregated the 3 Top Gun Women’s Skis of 2016 according to the industry’s highest awards and displayed them here.

These are the Best of the Best – the Top Guns of Women’s Skis.

Check out the:

"You were in a 4g inverted dive with a MiG28? " - Charlie
“I’ll have what he’s having. Hemlock, is it?” – Charlie



SKI:  2016 Blizzard Black Pearl

AWARD: Editors’ Choice Award

2016 Blizzard Black Pearl
2016 Blizzard Black Pearl

– gave their Editors’ Choice Award to 12 women’s skis this year, but the Blizzard Black Pearl got the highest rating of them all.

– PIck up a pair of Blizzard Black Pearl at  2016 Blizzard Black Pearl

  • Lengths:  152, 159, 166, 173cm
  • Turning Radius:  17 m (166cm)
  • Sidecut:  123-88-108mm (166cm)

What had to say about the 2016 Blizzard Black Pearl:

Veteran tester Rodman dubs the Black Pearl “best in show for all categories,” and indeed, testers awarded it high scores across the board with chart-topping scores for versatility. The 88-mm-waisted ski features Blizzard’s Flipcore Technology, which, true to name, flips the core upside down in the production process to create tip and tail rocker and slight camber underfoot without bending the ski. Construction includes a sandwich compound sidewall and a light wood core made with poplar, bamboo and a titanium-binding interface. “Float, glide, ride, rip and carve are in this ski’s repertoire,” says Kelly.




SKI: 2016 Armada VJJ 2.0

AWARD: Powder Magazine Skier’s Choice Award

2016 Armada VJJ 2.02016 Armada VJJ 2.0
2016 Armada VJJ 2.02016 Armada VJJ 2.0

– Powder Magazine doesn’t rank their awarded Women’s Skis… We chose the 2016 Armada VJJ 2.0 from their 11 Women’s Skis given the Skier’s Choice Award because we know this ski remembers to always totally dominate and the name is hilarious.

– Pick up a pair of Armada VJJ 2.0 at  2016 Armada VJJ 2.0

  • Lengths: 165, 175cm
  • Turning Radius: 16 (@ 175cm)
  • Sidecut: 130 – 116 – 126mm (@ 175cm)

What Powder Magazine had to say about the 2016 Armada VJJ 2.0:

The day I took this ski out for a ride, I followed Armada co-founder Hans Smith on a snow hunt. At the top of a rocky chute in Big Sky’s Headwaters, I pledged faith in Hans, who swore we would find soft snow hiding somewhere below the pepper. Starting at the rockered tip, the VJJ 2.0 features Armada’s patented five-dimensional sidecut and a gradual taper, making this ski nimble and quick, a good thing for tight hop turns like the ones I made at the top of the chute. Positive camber underfoot gives you peace of mind that your turns will hold. And a rockered tail grants you access to fun times and smear turns when you find the soft snow you are looking for. After a mixed bag of conditions, which this ski handled with ease, my trust in Hans was rewarded and we skied blower pow all the way to the bottom. It was the best run of Powder Week.
— Downtown Julie Brown/Powder Magazine


Ski:  2016 Atomic Century 109

AWARD:  Freeskier Magazine Editors’ Pick Award

2016 Atomic Century 109
2016 Atomic Century 109

– Freeskiing Magazine gave 12 powder skis the “Editors’ Pick Award”, but the 2016 Atomic Century 109 out ranked the rest.

– Pick up a pair of  Atomic Century 109 at  2016 Atomic Century 109

  • Lengths:  159, 167, 175cm
  • Turning Radius:  16.5m (167cm)
  • Sidecut:  132-109-122mm (167cm)

What Freeskier had to say about the 2016 Atomic Century 109:

Atomic athlete Molly Baker sums it up: “The Century 109 is a ski for the perfect powder day.” What she doesn’t mention is that the Atomic Century 109 Skis also crush it in breakable crust and chowder, and do a swell job on hard groomers, too. Wide but not too fat for lighter skiers, the 109 mm waist of the Century has the width and gradual tip rocker required to stay above the surface in any unconsolidated conditions. With Carbon Sprocket Boosters for energy and dampness, and Step Down Sidewall™ 2.0 to help stomp those edges into hardpack.

– Freeskier Magazine

"Sit down! I love that song! How long have you two been doing this act?" - Charlie
“Sit down! I love that song! How long have you two been doing this act?” – Charlie

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