TOP GUN: The 5 Award Winning Men’s Powder Skis of 2016

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"You don't have time to think up there. If you think, you're dead."
“You don’t have time to think up there. If you think, you’re dead.”

Top Gun = the Best of the Best.   These are the biggest, baddest, burliest Powder Skis on the market as decided by the most reputable sources in the industry who put in the energy to test every 2015 powder ski out there.

We’ve aggregated the 5 Top Gun Powder Skis of 2015 according to the industry’s highest awards and displayed them here.  

These are the Best of the Best.  The Top Guns of Powder Skiing.

"That's right! Ice... man. I am dangerous." - Mavrick
“That’s right! Ice… man. I am dangerous.” – Maverick


 Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.53.08 PM

SKI:  2016 Blizzard Bodacious

AWARD: Editors’ Choice Award

2016 Blizzard Bodacious
2016 Blizzard Bodacious

– gave their Editors’ Choice Award to 17 powder skis this year, but the Blizzard Bodacious got the highest rating of them all.

– Pick up a pair of Blizzard Bodacious at  2016 Blizzard Bodacious

  • Lengths :  177, 185, 193cm
  • Turning Radius:  27m (@ 185cm)
  • Sidecut:  138-118-127mm (@ 185cm)

What had to say about the 2016 Blizzard Bodacious:

“This model of the Bodacious is easier to ski and control than past iterations,” says Witman [ski tester]. “You don’t have to be 100 percent charging on this ski—it’s quick, fun and powerful.” For 2015/16, Blizzard further developed Flipcore technology, which adds rocker by “flipping” the core upside down during manufacturing. Carbon Flipcore adds carbon fiber into the rockered tip and tail of the ski, designed to lessen swing weight and improve flotation. Accordingly, testers recorded high scores in stability and float for the 118-mm-waisted ski. Along with carbon, the Bodacious has full sandwich compound sidewalls, a titanium binding interface and a poplar/bamboo core. “This no-surprise powder ski is nimble, energetic and very stable,” says Smid [ski tester]. –


Ski:  2016 Rossignol Super 7

AWARD:  Freeskier Magazine Editors’ Pick Award

2016 Rossignol Super 7
2016 Rossignol Super 7

– Freeskiing Magazine gave 12 powder skis the “Editors’ Pick Award”, but the Armada Norwalk out ranked the rest.

– Pick up a pair of Rossi Super 7s at  2016 Rossignol Super 7

  • Lengths :  172, 180, 188cm
  • Turning Radius:  20m (188cm)
  • Sidecut:  140-116-130mm (188cm)

What Freeskier had to say about the 2016 Rossignol Super 7:

The Rossignol Super 7 Skis do it all. “Carves on groomers, stable at speed, schmears, rocks in the pow… it handled all conditions I encountered on an epic Ajax T2B,” said one tester about the Super 7. Tip and tail rocker provides serious float in the deep stuff. Its Air Tip technology — an ABS resin, honeycomb-shaped skeleton — makes for a super-lightweight package. A paulownia core ups the playfulness factor, and a bit of camber ensures you’ll be in full control when you’re railing. “They like to charge and the softness makes them very playful. No chatter at speed.” This is a versatile, forgiving package for the everyday ripper. – Freeskier Magazine


SKI:  2016 Nordica Enforcer

AWARD:  Skiing Magazine’s Powder “Ski of the Year”

2016 Nordica Enforcer
2016 Nordica Enforcer

– Skiing Magazine’s Powder “Ski of the Year” award was given to the Nordica Enforcer.

– Pick up a pair of Nordica Enforcer at  2016 Nordica Enforcer

  • Lengths :  169, 177, 185cm
  • Turning Radius:  18.5m (@ 185cm)
  • Sidecut:  133 – 100 – 121mm (@ 185cm)

What Skiing Magazine had to say about the 2016 Nordica Enforcer:

Rarely is a ski such an overwhelming favorite among testers, but the Nordica absolutely crushed this category. It truly has no weaknesses, and is able to slay turns with precision and dampness on groomers, playfully bounce through bumps, slide and shimmy through trees, and, thanks to a fat, 130-millimeter tip, even levitate in powder and crud. “A race ski you can bring into the backcountry,” said one tester. “My soul mate” gushed another. – Skiing Magazine



SKI:  2016 Salomon Rocker 122

AWARD:  Powder Magazine Skier’s Choice Award

2016 Salomon Rocker 122
2016 Salomon Rocker 122

– Powder Magazine doesn’t rank their awarded Powder Skis.  We chose the Salomon Rocker 122 from their 19 powder skis given the Skier’s Choice Award because we saw some insane things happen on these things in Japan last winter.

– Pick up a pair of Salomon Rocker 122 at  2016 Salomon Rocker 122

  • Lengths :  172, 180, 184, 192cm
  • Turning Radius:  26
  • Sidecut:  144 – 122 – 132mm

What Powder Magazine had to say about the Salomon Rocker 122:

“I strapped these bad boys to my back and trekked out to Third Fork in the Headwaters in search of freshies. I knew just by looking at them they were made for the deep. The sizes jump up pretty quickly in this ski, and the 184 was the longest I had been on since my collegiate race days. Two turns in the Rocker2 erased my worries. They kept me afloat with ease, and the honeycomb tip and tail allowed for some sweet smear-ability. The full wood core bends nicely, but doesn’t fold in half. The twin rocker and 122 millimeters underfoot allow for longer-length skiing (as in, don’t be worried to shred a longer ski). When your alarm clock is patrol launching bombs, grab the Rocker2’s for a blower day.” – Hannah Victory/Powder Magazine


SKI:  Dynafit Hokkaido

AWARD:  Backcountry Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award

2016 Dynafit Hokkaido.
2016 Dynafit Hokkaido.

– The biggest, baddest ski that received  Backcountry Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award.

– Pick up a pair of Dynafit Hokkaidos at  2016 Dynafit Hokkaido

  • Lengths: 176, 182, 189cm
  • Dimensions: 142/118/131mm (@ 189cm)
  • Radius:  28m (@ 189cm)
  • Weight/Pair: 2200g. (@ 189cm)

What Backcountry Magazine had to say about the 2016 Dynafit Hokkaido:

Bottom Line: A powder-focused play-boat for touring on the deepest days. –  Backcountry Magazine

"You're here because you're the best. We'll make you better."
“You’re here because you’re the best. We’ll make you better.”

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13 thoughts on “TOP GUN: The 5 Award Winning Men’s Powder Skis of 2016

  1. how can a 100mm waist ski get powder ski of the year from anyone? why don’t you guys do your own reviews? Powder? Skiing? r u kidding? quoting them does not indicate braininess.

    1. Sharpy, yeah, OnTheSnow is pushing it calling a 100mm waist ski a pow ski, but it’s doable in pow.

      Yes, I’d love to do our own ski reviews, but to do it properly, we’d have to do a huge ski test like these guys do. Maybe we should…


      1. just call it: ‘Powder Skis- me and my friends’ biased opinion’ . all the effort at objectivity in a ‘huge ski test’ is lost when people have an axe to grind, or a buck to make anyway. you guys would def’ do a better job than the magazine dudes. do they blind test the skis, cover them in black shelf paper or something? and I doubt a pair of Dynafits weighs 220 grams. when you bought your B-Squads a decade ago, you didn’t read any reviews, you asked your friends, right?

        1. Thanks, Sharpy. We’ll have to look into doing a ski test. Sounds fun. I might actually be invited to help out with one of the big ski tests in Utah this year and if so, I’ll take notes and learn how we might be able to do our own.

          Yeah, they generally make every top sheet white so you can’t tell which ski is which.

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