Cycle Sundays: The Top Three Runs & Highlight Video | Red Bull Rampage

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The famous Red Bull Rampage freeride mountain bike competition went took place in Virgin, Utah. Known as the only true big mountain freeride event, where riders are allotted three days and three team mates to build and sculpt their own lines down a face of rock and dirt, the Rampage is one of the most dangerous events in mountain biking.

This year was full of surprises. Sadly one of the biggest was that the event was cut short due to wind leaving the field and spectators hungry for more and disappointed in mother natures cooperation. Other highlights included:

  • Cam Zink’s massive backflip over the Oakley Sender drop rumoured to be the biggest backflip in mountain bike history.
  • Kelly McGarry putting down a wild run and massive 72′ backflip over the canyon gap. Kelly has been around for a long time, but to see him on the second step of the podium at Rampage is something else. We think Kelly got Norb’ed this year.
  • Kyle Strait winning for a second time, a first in Rampage history.
  • Brandon Semenuk still not being able to finish a run despite the expectation of perfection he and everyone who rides a bike puts on him.
  • The many massive stacks that were had by a number of riders. We hope everyone has a strong recovery.

If you missed the event, or are still in awe and need to see them again, check out the highlights from the top three runs and the overall event highlight reel below:

Cam Zink – 3rd Place Winner

Cam has always been known to push the limits. His 360 off the Oakley sender in 2010 was said to be the biggest ever, and this year his backflip was bigger. It was really the only thing he did in his run, but no one will argue that he pushed the sport harder than anyone else on Sunday

Kelly McGarry – 2nd Place Winner

Kelly has always been a top dog in the slopestyle world but has rarely broken the top three. But this weekend he did just that. With a wild flare/flip up top to a massive 72′ backflip over the canyon gap, and another flip lower down, McGazza put on a real show.

Kyle Strait – 1st Place Winner

Kyle combined speed, flow, and huge air to take the top prize. A key point was his no hander off of the Oakley Sender being the first to trick the drop the whole weekend.

Full Highlight Reel:

Now the mountain bike community goes into a deep sleep until the spring when World Cup Downhill fires back up again. But you can expect CycleBrains to continue mountain bike coverage right here all through the winter!

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