Topographic Ski Maps: A New Way of Tracking Resort Days

Emily Crofton | | BrainsBrains
Topographic map preview of Mt. Bachelor Resort. photo credit: Avenza Maps

Navigating your favorite ski resort just became that much easier with the help of a new and improved ski resort map. is designing topographic ski resort maps that will be available to the public. Striving to provide advanced and technically accurate maps, all data, pictures, and reference materials are utilized from each mountain. Working as an independent entity, the approach to each resort map is honest and unbiased.

While ski resort maps are offered at each mountain, SkiMap’s topographic approach offers a far more detailed depiction. It includes items such as topographic lines, lodging, elevation, and comprehensive chairlifts and amenities. Location, name and loading points are only a few of the details regarding each chairlift at the resort. Closures, difficulty level, resort boundaries, and parking locations are also mapped out in a clear and reliable manner.

A topographic map of Val Thorens, France. photo credit: Facebook

One of the most distinguishable differences in these maps is the elevation characteristics. Included in these maps are custom HD elevation textures with significant contour lines, peak and spot elevations. Additionally, access to these maps is supported by GeoPDFs. GeoPDFs allows you to determine your exact location, with or without wifi, on your mobile device. Utilizing a free app called Avenza Maps, you can find your location on your custom ski map and never have to worry about getting lost.

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