Olympic Snowboarder Torah Bright Celebrates Motherhood With Powerful Picture of Headstand Breastfeeding

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Torah Bright, breastfeeding,
Credit: Torah Bright Facebook

Olympic snowboarder Torah Bright shared a series of photos over the weekend celebrating motherhood––but one, in particular, has caught the attention of the internet.

The ‘crazy powerful’ picture shows 34-year-old Bright almost naked and breastfeeding while in a headstand.

The majority of the comments are very supportive of her, but some are critical of her attention seeking, and what might happen to her baby should she fall.

Bright is Australia’s most successful female winter Olympian and is married to snowboarder Angus Thomson. She won a gold medal in the snowboard halfpipe event in Vancouver 2010 and a silver medal in Sochi in 2014.

Torah Bright,
Torah Bright snowboarding. Credit: Roxy Facebook
Torah Bright. Credit: Facebook

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