Tourist Died by Slipping and Falling After Leaving Marked Trail at Yosemite, CA Waterfall

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Bridalveil Fall, Yosemite National Park, CA. Credit: Michael Weidner | Unsplash

A Romanian tourist died after slipping and falling at a Yosemite National Park, CA waterfall last week, according to authorities.

21-year-oldĀ Lucian Miu was scrambling on some wet rocks below Bridalveil Fall on Wednesday when he fell about 20 feet. He died later in hospital.

The accident corresponds to a Yosemite National Park statement about accidents Monday and Wednesday, in which hikers at the Bridalveil Fall viewing platform “left the established trail to scramble up the boulder field toward the base of the waterfall, bypassing signs that advise against leaving the trail.”

“According to witnesses in both cases, the subjects slipped off wet boulders and took 20-foot falls near the base of Bridalveil Fall,” the park service said.

Crews in helmets and special, sticky-soled shoes rescued the visitors, who were taken by helicopter to awaiting ambulances, park officials said. The park service did not specify the extent of injuries suffered by the victim in Monday’s fall.

A third slip-and-fall accident took place Thursday at Lower Yosemite Fall, the park service reported.

Citing 23 slip-and-fall incidents at Bridalveil Fall in recent years, park officials urged visitors to stay on marked trails.

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