Town of Truckee, CA Addresses Memorial Day Weekend Travel Concerns

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The Town of Truckee typically sees a lot of tourism for Memorial Day weekend. But this is not a typical year. Town of Truckee photo.

Coronavirus is causing some serious reconsideration of Memorial Day travel plans in California. Should you, or shouldn’t you travel to your second home, if you have one? The Town of Truckee has addressed these questions in a recent statement. They wrote:

With Memorial Day weekend just a few days away, the Town and several of our community partners have started to receive inquiries from those who own homes in the Truckee/Tahoe region that want to know if they are allowed to travel to the area to check-on or stay in their properties.

The answer is that people need to think as much about whether they SHOULD travel as whether they CAN travel. Our town leaders have continued to emphasize the importance of personal responsibility in each individual’s actions, and this is no different.

There are no legal consequences for those who arrive at their homes, if the travel to that home is for “essential” purposes. If the purpose of traveling was to have a nice visit to Truckee/Tahoe, the Governor and the Nevada County and Placer County health officers would likely view such travel as being against the spirit of the order. Currently, travel is allowed for “business” purposes related to an “essential” business. Nothing in Governor Newsom’s Resilience Roadmap plan for reopening allows for traveling to another home for leisure or recreational purposes. A good rule of thumb is, if you have to ask if your visit is business related, it is likely not an essential reason. Travel SHOULD be for essential or business purposes only.

For specific questions or for more detailed information. The Town of Truckee would refer those questions to the Nevada County Public Health Department at or California Department of Public Health at

Whatever those who want to travel for Memorial Day weekend decide to do, we just ask you to be thoughtful and to be safe! 

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11 thoughts on “Town of Truckee, CA Addresses Memorial Day Weekend Travel Concerns

  1. Travel SHOULD be for essential or business purposes Only No just too hang out on some sort of vacation it’s about keeping TAHOE LOCALS and I mean LOCALS safe …… R Thompson you should move back to the city if you care more for the Tourists then you do your own community this is us as a community getting back to normal life not mountain snobbery city folks don’t give a shit about R Thompson or his family or friends I live in Tahoe and was born in Tahoe and yes this is my home i’am not the only LOCAL that thinks like this trust me

  2. Please Stay Home ! Be smart ! Your life depends on it !
    The mountains are still going to be here in a month .

  3. And there it is right there…total mountain snobbery in the above 2 comments. I live full time in Tahoe (not Rome), and these types of attitudes do nothing to foster a sense of community. Most of the people that live up here have close ties to “city asses” and perhaps were part of that group at one time, so insulting them doesn’t go over well with most. Whenever I hear locals saying stuff like that I stay as far away from them as possible.

    1. Don’t think it’s mountain snobbery I think it’s more like just trying to keep our community safe just saying

  4. Oh this will go over nicely for the city asses oh feel entitled to Rome around like there’s no pandemic going on this weekend will be interesting

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