TRAILER: MSP’s “Ruin And Rose” Completely Breaks The Mold | Futuristic, Apocalyptic, Holy Grail

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“Somewhere, I think there’s still a world where great big mountains grow right out of the empty like flowers popping up from the sand.” – MSP

MSP’s new movie is, um, weird…  They made a normal ski movie, but they added an apocalyptic message to the beginning of it that is part Mad Max, part Never Ending Story (using ‘The Empty’ in place of ‘The Nothing’), part Indiana Jones (ancient relic with power found), and part Water World (with sand instead of water.).

It’s weird, yes…  But it clearly seems to be a metaphor for what global climate change has in store for snow.  There may be a day coming soon, where snow is pretty damned hard to find…

it’s weird, yes…  But ski movies needed a paradigm shift like this.  After 20 years of the same format, it’s high ski movies got weird, told a bizarre story and hire movie makers like Ben Sturgulewski to tell a story, paint a picture, turn our brains on in a new way.

“Our latest film from MSP. Ben Sturgulewski took the helm this year. He dreamed big, and even when the odds were heavily stacked against him, he said, “Screw it!” and went for it anyway. The skiers killed it, the snow was insane almost everywhere we went, and Ben’s going to take you where no ski films have gone before. Simply put, “Ruin and Rose” is going to be something special.” – Scott Gaffney


“A surreal future leaves the world without water and consumed by sand: the Big Empty. A group of children survives alone on the edge of the endless desert in the ruin of the now. When a young boy unearths an ancient relic hinting at the lost wonders of winter, he sets off in search of the ghosts that once called the mountains their home. This bold cinematic experience balances stunning skiing with a wild and hopeful journey into the forgotten lands of myth and magic beyond the Empty.

Acclaimed writer/director Ben Sturgulewski joins the award-winning team at Matchstick Productions and their two decades of filmmaking expertise to deliver “RUIN AND ROSE,” an epic creative vision brought to life by the talents of the world’s top skiers. Winter landscapes across the planet contrast seamlessly with a thoroughly-crafted story of environmental apocalypse, shot entirely within the otherworldly expanses of Africa’s Skeleton Coast. Unlike anything seen before, the dreamlike setting of this film sparks the imagination of not only action sports enthusiasts, but anyone with a beating heart.

Presented by Under Armour in spectacular 4K resolution, “RUIN AND ROSE” features veterans and newcomers alike, including Mark Abma, Sammy Carlson, Markus Eder, Zack Giffin, Sander Hadley, Russ Henshaw, Eric Hjorleifson, Lukas Joas, Sean Jordan, Bene Mayr, Evan McEachran, Michelle Parker, Ole Pavel, Tanner Rainville, Austin Ross, Fabio Studer, Cody Townsend, Noah Wallace, and others. “RUIN AND ROSE” was filmed on location in Alaska, Austria, British Columbia, Bulgaria, California, France, Switzerland, and the deserts of Namibia.” – MSP

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4 thoughts on “TRAILER: MSP’s “Ruin And Rose” Completely Breaks The Mold | Futuristic, Apocalyptic, Holy Grail

  1. Wish I would have read the negative posts before I paid to go see this. The worst ski film I have seen. If I wanted a political message on destroying the environment I would have watched an Al Gore or Leanardo decaprio documentary. Do not spend a penny to see this film. I rarely wrote reviews but this was so bad I feel it necessary to warn you before you go. Spend the 70 min doing squats in prep for ski season instead. I am boycotting matchstick until they produce a ski film. I don’t care how many cliffs I see dropped or steep descents or backflips off of ramps, it is always sweet to see them to get pumped for ski season. We don’t need a shift in how ski movies are made! I could go on for hours about how bad this film was. Join the negative posts to warn people. Force matchstick to change.

    Final note/question: the movie’s theme is we are destroying the earth with all of our oil consumption and water usage…how much destruction of the earth’s resources did matchstick do while making this film? I am sure they hiked all their tents and equipment deep into the backcountry and rode bicycles from one country to the next and then paddled a boat with man power across the ocean to the breathtaking sands of Namibia.

  2. Was that a ski movie? The little skiing that they actually showed was weak. One ski box rail slides in some old Russian Olympic village doesn’t cut it for the $’s I paid to see this pile of junk. The premise was ridiculous…that your favorite ski hill is going to turn into a sandy wasteland from climate change. They couldn’t even complete their political message in the end as the protagonist found a mountain with snow on it. I would say out of an hour and ten/twenty minutes of movie there was a total of 15 minutes of actual skiing. The rest was a poor attempt at climate change hysteria, designed to put fear in the minds of your children. Save your money on this crap and go watch a TGR flick.

  3. Sorry, it’s normally easy to be positive about all things skiing at this time of year especially with early snow staying on the ground but just got home from a double header of TGR’s Tight,Loose, followed by Matchstick’s Ruin and Rose which in my opinion was almost a complete fail!! What a depressing piece of crap!! If it wasn’t for the limited amount of awesome big mountain skiing by Tudor,Post, Hoji, MacIntosh and Abma. I may have come home looking for a blade to slit my wrists!!! Why to much time spent on the depressing fear mongering message of looming apocalypse! At least they could have had the kids walk North out of the Sandy hell hole they called the big empty to a big snowy face to ski, just to signify a little hope for mankind to turn the ship around a bit. Sherpas nailed this message a few years ago with All I Can. Matchstick just completely bombed! Tight loose was OK but like Isaid it’s normally easy to enjoy a ski/ board film at this time of year. I’m going to need a huge La Niña epic Pow year to wash the taste of Ruin and Rose out of my mouth.

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