Travis Rice’s Next “The Art of Flight” Movie: “The Fourth Phase”

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Travis Rice’s “Art of Flight” movie funded by Red Bull and produced by Brain Farm was the best snow movie ever made.

Now, Travis Rice, Red Bull, and Brain Farm have come together again to make “The Fourth Phase.”  This is the teaser for that new movie.

Will this new movie be as good as The Art of Flight?  It’s a tall order, but there is nothing that these guys can’t do.  We’re hoping for helicopters filming helicopters filming helicopter this time!

travis rice the fourth phase
travis rice the fourth phase

“The innovators behind the “The Art of FLIGHT,” Red Bull Media House in association with Brain Farm Cinema, provide a peek into iconic snowboarder Travis Rice’s highly-anticipated return in “The Fourth Phase.” The film’s teaser marks the first glimpse into the project, which began production in 2013 and has been kept tightly under wraps until now.

Riders include Travis Rice, Mark Landvik, Eric Jackson, Pat Moore, Bryan Iguchi, Cam Fitzpatrick, Bode Merrill, Shin Biyajima and Mikkel Bang” – Red Bull

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