Trip Report: Sailing from San Francisco, CA to Angel Island

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Trev and The City.image: snowbrains

Yesterday, I sailed to Angel Island from San Francisco, CA with a few old college buddies to commemorate the passing of our very close friend and Cal Ski Team member, Eric.

It’s been 4 years since Eric passed and this annual trip to Angel Island is our way of getting together, sharing memories, and honoring Eric.

We left from the Baseball park and sailed in a stiff breeze with a well-reefed sail and a storm jib straight to Angel Island in the middle of the San Francisco Bay near Alcatraz.

Happy sailors headed home. image: snowbrains

The sail over there was spicy due to the nuking wind and the fierce heel of our boat including a few fun fishtails when the winds hit us hard enough.

We got Angel Island in only 50-minutes.

The sail over felt great as I spend the downtimes sitting with my feet dangling in the bay.

The bay must have been 65ºF yesterday and it felt warm and inviting.

Once on the island, we hiked to near the top of the island and took in the views of The City, the bay, and the Golden Gate.

No boats… San Francisco from Angel Island. image: snowbrains

None of us have ever seen so few boats on the bay in our lives…

There were only 3 boats in the bay that we could see.

On a normal summer Saturday, the bay would be littered with dozens of boats doing everything from racing to booze-cruising.

Port of San Francisco. image: snowbrains

After our 3 hour stint on the island, we checked out out the seals on the dock and shoved off into the sunset.

The tailwind had us ripping home at 9.5-knots.

It was easy sailing home so we did a few laps just south of the Bay Bridge.

The growing darkness made The City glow and twinkle like a kaleidoscope.

Angel Island. image: snowbrains

The noon to 10 pm sail was exceptional.

Good friends, good memories, great wind, and a stunning setting.

Thanks, team.

Thanks, Eric.

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The Bay Bridge. image: snowbrains
Ripping wind on the way out there. Alcatraz in the back. image: snowbrains
Golden Gate. image: snowbrains
Seal life. image: snowbrains
Man overboard. image: snowbrains
Good times. image: snowbrains
Headed home in a tail wind. image: snowbrains
San Francisco and Bay Bridge. image: snowbrains
Wizard of Oz… image: snowbrains

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