Troy Caldwell Speaks Out About the Squaw/Alpine Base-to-Base Gondola

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Troy Caldwell during our interview with him in May 2014.  photo:
Troy Caldwell during our interview with him in May 2014. photo:

Troy Caldwell, owner of White Wolf (the land between Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows), has spoken out for the first time about the proposed Base-to-Base gondola.

To be clear, this “project” so far is only a public statement by Squaw.  No proposal has been submitted, no permits granted, no environmental impact reports requested, and no plans at all to move forward.  If this project is to move forward, it will be many years before the Base-to-Base gondola is a reality.

A controversy has arisen about the proposed gondola crossing the federally protected Granite Chief Wilderness Area.  Troy kind of addresses that issue in the article he recently wrote for the Sierra Sun.

“There has been some confusion regarding the designation of the private land I own. It is important to note that the U.S. Forest Service has always recognized, and currently recognizes the property is, and remains, private land.

Although my property lies on the edge of the designated Wilderness, because it is private land, it is not administered as part of the Granite Chief Wilderness, does not carry a Wilderness designation that would make it subject to the constraints of the Wilderness Act, and is not under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Forest Service.” – Troy Caldwell via the Sierra Sun

To read the full article, please click below:

Troy Caldwell on the Base-to-Base Gondola

We interviewed Troy about the Squaw/Alpine connection in May 2014.  That interview is below:

Troy Caldwell Interview

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3 thoughts on “Troy Caldwell Speaks Out About the Squaw/Alpine Base-to-Base Gondola

  1. 2 see towers placed on wfaces and 75

    yeah gonna be sooooo rad as it will access so much new terrain (sarc)

    Waste and only serves to inflate already huge egos

    later fools.

  2. I just read the article in the sierra sun , the plan now makes a lot more sense , plus the environmental groups opposing the plan don’t really have much to argue against . People really should do a little more research before stating their opposition based on false information , it’s going to be on private land . Less cars and busses on highway 89 is a good thing , especially on holidays , maybe the parking lot at alpine will be a little less crowded ! Hopefully it starts to snow again before they build it

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