Truck-Sized Boulders Smash Into Semitruck & Close Colorado’s I-70 Highway Indefinitely

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Large boulders came down from a cliffside onto cars and trucks on I-70 at 2:30pm yesterday near Glenwood Springs, CO.  A second rock slide came down at 10pm yesterday.  The road has been closed indefinitely since that time.  The detour around I-70 is 213-miles long and takes about 4 hours to travel.

A semitruck was hit by the boulders in the second rock slide.  No injuries have been reported.

CDOT claims that “major damage” has been done to the highway, the retaining wall and the bridge/guardrail.

CDOT is using a “boulder buster” to get rid of the boulder while GeoHazards team is evaluating the slope.

“A rockfall incident that started around 2:30 a.m this morning on I-70 in Glenwood Canyon near Hanging Lake Tunnel (mile point 124) has one lane of traffic open eastbound. CDOT crews just opened both lanes westbound.

The traffic westbound will take some time to clear so please take it slow as our crews and law enforcement are out there working to get the highway clear of debris.” CDOT, yestserday


“Folks, we are hard at work determining when 70 can reopen. Please expect the closure to last through the day. The alternate route for westbound motorists is north on CO 131 at Wolcott to Steamboat Springs, west on US 40 to Craig, then south on CO 13 to Rifle and back to I-70. This is a 203-mile alternate route that will take about three hours and 50 minutes to travel. This detour adds 146 miles and about three hours to a regular trip from Wolcott to Rifle on I-70, which is 67 miles or about 45 minutes. Please always check for roadway conditions before heading out.” – CO’s DOT, today

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