Truckee, CA Actively Asking Tourists NOT to Visit the Popular Northern Sierra Town

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As widespread impacts of COVID-19 continue to evolve, the resort community of Truckee, CA is actively telling tourists that now is not the time to visit the popular Northern Sierra mountain town. All ski areas are closed, events have been canceled over the next two months, and many retail, recreation services, restaurants, bars, and brewpubs are closed.

In a message shared on its social media channels, VISIT TRUCKEE officials reminded visitors that Truckee’s healthcare system is excellent but limited and that the consequences of COVID-19 in the small town would be devastating. Truckee has already reported that its first positive case is under self-quarantine.

“Right now, for those who love Truckee, some of the best ways to support our community and tourism-based economy is to purchase gift cards and/or shop online from afar. Re-book lodging for a later date. Reach out to businesses you enjoyed in the past. Send an email, post a photo and tag encouragement. Consider making donations, pre-orders, and asking for credit versus refunds,” said Colleen Dalton, director of tourism and economic programs, VISIT TRUCKEE. “We need your help and will be here to welcome visitors with open arms on a sunnier day when happy times are here again. And they will. Have hope, stay in place, scroll through pictures of the good times in Truckee and plan to come later. Our mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, and trails are here to welcome you back again, and so will our shops, restaurants, lodging, and recreation services.”

In the meantime, the Sierra Sun has compiled a list of businesses currently offering pick-up, take-out and delivery service for locals.

Visitor information will continue to be updated on the home page of as this dynamic situation evolves.

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