Truckee, CA Reiterates There Should be No Recreational Stays at Hotels or Short-Term Rentals

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Truckee, california
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Earlier in the week the town of Truckee, CA addressed the confusion surrounding second homeowners being allowed to travel to their properties this Memorial weekend. Although there is no legal reason stopping travel for essential purposes, the town asked people to consider whether they SHOULD travel, and not just if they CAN travel.

Further guidance regarding short term rentals, and when homeowners can open up their properties to the STR market, was issued yesterday, hopefully clearing a few things up.

With the weather warming up and people starting to look at summer tourism, we have started to receive questions about when short term rentals (STRs) and hotel lodging will open in our area. It is important to point out that the Town of Truckee does not regulate the COVID restrictions on hotels and STRs. The restrictions that are in place are controlled by the State and Nevada County. There has been clear guidance from the County that states the Nevada County Short Term Rental Order still stands. Also, under the governor’s Executive Order, which remains in effect until further notice, vacation lodging is not on the list of allowed business operations at this stage in the Resilience Roadmap. These restrictions apply to the commercial use of short-term rentals.

Truckee did receive word from Nevada County Public Health that business travel related to Stage 2 businesses was allowed, but only at hotels and NOT at STRs.

We know this is confusing. Here is how we have interpreted all the information we have received:

    • There should be no travel or stays for recreational purposes at hotels or STRs
    • Business travel, if your business is allowed in Stage 2, is allowed at hotels but not at STRs
    • There is no date available for when recreational travel will be allowed
    • Booking recreational travel for any date in the future is at your own risk

We previously advised property owners to block their booking calendars through at least June 15th, but want to caution that bookings may be prohibited for much longer. We understand that for many, this is frustrating and unsettling, and The Town will continue to ask for clarity on these issues.

We want to remind those that choose to make a booking through a short term rental company that the Town of Truckee does not have the authority to retrieve any lost money or to influence a company’s refund policy if your stay cannot be complete.

If you are a property manager with questions or concerns, please contact the Town at (530) 582-5280 or

The Nevada County Short Term Rental Order can be found here.

Truckee, california, nevada county
Credit: Nevada County
Truckee, california, nevada county
Credit: Nevada County

Truckee is an incorporated town in Nevada County, California, United States. As of the 2010 United States Census, the population was 16,180, reflecting an increase of 2,316 from the 13,864 counted in the 2000 Census.

Nevada County has had 41 confirmed coronavirus cases and one death.

Truckee, california
Truckee, CA

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  1. Good job Truckee. Bankrupt small local property owners. Encourage and enable more rich people to come buy them out.

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