Tucked Away for Next Time; a Glance at Woodward/Boreal Mountain, CA

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Method before madness by X-Gamer, Jason Borgstede. Photo: P.M. Fadden

A Pre-COVID-19 Closure Report brought to you by Ski California

Thanks to diligent, on-going media coverage the world is aware that threat of a human-transmitted, novel virus, COVID-19 has created a new and sadly necessary social barrier among society. It has seized global economies, put the clamps on industry, and generally raised pulses. But however weird the wind may blow due to this viral house guest, the sporting community is still empowered to reflect on the good things it had, and will have again.

The backside at Boreal Mountain. Photo: P.M. Fadden

Within stunning mountainous geography noted for surreal blue lakes and heavy-hitter ski resorts, Woodward Tahoe, at Boreal Mountain is a groundbreaking, indoor-outdoor freestyle playground. In terms of evolving ski, snow, and skate Woodward/Boreal is a BIG influence in a relatively small destination and accessed easily via the Gold Pass.

Boreal Mtn. trail map. Photo: courtesy of Boreal Media

Quick Hits:

  • SUMMIT ELEVATION – 7,700ft
  • VERTICAL – 500ft
  • SKIABLE AREA – 380 acres
  • RUNS – 41
  • LIFTS – 8
  • LONGEST RUN – 1 mile
  • THE BUNKER – 1 concrete skate/bike park, 5 wood ramps, foam pits, trampolines, tumbling mats, rope swings, & chill pad  


Those dedicated to mountain and sports culture are drawn to Woodward/Boreal from near and far, evidenced by Girdwood Brewing Company, of Alaska represented on the mini-ramp.

Wood facilities in full-swing. Photo: P.M. Fadden

The concept here is progression. Participants of all ages and ability levels benefit at Woodward/Boreal by facilities and coaching in a single, unified location.

T-minus ZERO to launch. Photo: P.M. Fadden

Skiers and snowboarders, specifically, can polish their body mechanics or aerial technique via trampolines or wood features that launch into foam pits, then take the tricks they’ve just learned to the mountain waiting just beyond the doors. The model is designed to achieve results, and it delivers.

Qtr.Pipe action in Peacepark. Photo: P.M. Fadden


BS1 to base area, Jason Borgstede prepares to touchdown. Photo: P.M. Fadden

Out-of-doors and on-mountain, the offerings of Boreal are basically a freestyle dreamland. Peacepark, the free-form and open-minded terrain project championed by US Olympic snowboarder Danny Davis, can be found on Boreal Mountain slopes. Adding to that are jump lines, jib courses, rail gardens, a halfpipe, night riding (a rare delight) and, of course, sly tree runs where powder snow may be found tucked in-between the shaped terrain.

Pre-drop council at the foam pits. Photo: P.M. Fadden

But the treasure of Woodward/Boreal is an intangible: the stoke to teach the skills that push the perceived limits of ‘possible.’ Here there’s no posturing, only camaraderie. And together, Woodward/Boreal stands.

Artful, ready, hoping to drop-in again. Photo: P.M. Fadden

Woodward/Boreal Mountain is currently holding tight til the chairs spin again, an update is expected prior to Mar.22nd.


Snow Numbers:

5-Day Forecast:



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