Turnagain Arm, AK Report: Unbelievably Good Corn Snow Above The Shining Sea

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Report from April 26, 2021

We went for a long walk from sea level in the Turnagain Arm area of Alaska yesterday.

We started at 3pm so that we’d get good corn upon dropping in on a west face at about 6pm.

It was a bit of a slog at first, then, once we got high enough, you could see the sea and the views were gorgeous.

Owen Leeper ripping down above the sea. image: snowbrains

After 4,000-vertical-feet of climbing, the view of the Turnagain Arm was spectacular.

We watched as the bore tide rushed through channels in the mudflats and we knew there were beluga whales chasing it, but we couldn’t quite make them out.

After taking in the view for a bit and snapping a few photos, we dropped in.

Miles above the seas. image: Owen Leeper

The snow up top was sweet corn as we chopped our way down the steeper rib.

We then cut over and found epically perfect corn snow.

As smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Miles above the seas. image: Owen Leeper

The best corn I’ve skied in years…

The first perfect corn pitch was happy, open, mellow, and fun.

The second pitch was steep with a rollover and we didn’t know if it ended in a cliff or not…

Mud flat tributaries in Turnagain Arm. image: snowbrains

I figured the bootpack out wouldn’t be too bad and went for it.

Fortunately, the rollover went and the snow was unbelievably good.

We were fired up at the bottom.

Miles stoked! image: snowbrains

The end of the run involved a wild toboggan ride through the forest on thin ice and dirt that was tricky and fun.

We grabbed pizza on our way home and ended up chilling on the edges of the Turnagain Arm watching the tide rage in while searching for beluga whales.

We never saw the whales, but we’ll be back looking for them today.

Alaska just may be the most incredible place on Earth…

Miles happy on top. image: Owen Leeper

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Miles happy on top. image: Owen Leeper
Miles chillin’ with pizza on Turnagain Arm looking for whales. image: Owen Leeper
Miles slogging up in shorts. image: Owen Leeper

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One thought on “Turnagain Arm, AK Report: Unbelievably Good Corn Snow Above The Shining Sea

  1. I envy you – no that is not a correct expression of my feelings. I wish all of that to you but am desperate that I cannot experience that. One of the reasons is the ban of travelling to USA now. And I am deperate also because I lost my money for my flight to Alaska in March 2020 together with the flight itself 🙁
    As I already wrote to you some time ago, I cannot wait for your next trip reports. Good luck!!!!

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