Two Injured in Avalanche at Sunshine Village Resort

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lookout_mountainLocation of Delirium Dive. The avalanche occurred on the lookers left, a run known as Milky Way. image: Sunshine Village

deliriumdiveDelirium dive from a different aspect. Mily Way is the open face on the lookers left before cliff bands and ridge. photo: panoramio

Two skiers have been injured in an avalanche at Sunshine Village resort. The avalanche occurred around 2pm on Monday and buried both skiers. At the time of the avalanche there were other skiers nearby who were able to notify the avalanche Rescue personnel of Sunshine Village.

Both skiers were located, recovered, and immediately transferred to Mineral Springs Hospital in Banff. One skier received substantial injuries and was quickly transported to Foothills Hospital in Calgary. The other skier was eventually transferred there in stable condition.

deliriumexitExit to Delirium Dive. The gate will only open if it detects a beacon. photo: Flickr

The cause of the slide has not been published. The area the avalanche occurred is known as Delirium Dive, and is a sidecountry area next to Sunshine Village that is patrolled by resort staff. The terrain is experts only; skiers must have a partner and backcountry equipment before accessing the terrain. Because there were other skiers in the area at the time it is possible that the avalanche was triggered by a separate individual dropping in or traversing over the two skiers.

The Monday avalanche forecast issued by Parks Canada for the region warned of considerable avalanche hazard above treeline. This is the second avalanche accident to occur in the region in as many days. Our thoughts and best wishes go to the friends, families, and anyone else affected by these accidents.

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