Two Shark Attacks In Florida Within an Hour | Bitten Man Goes Straight to Bar Before Hospital

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shark, attack, Florida
Blacktip shark. Credit: Wikipedia

Two men were victims of shark attacks off the eastern coast of Florida in separate incidents. The attacks took place 100-miles apart within an hour of each other.

The first attack took place around 3:30 pm ET Saturday near Jacksonville Beach Pier. Two men were surfing together when a shark knocked one off his board and into the water.
The four-foot shark then bit him on the arm. It is believed the shark was a blacktip shark.

shark, attack, Florida
Jacksonville Beach, FL where the first attack occurred.

The two men managed to catch waves back to shore, where a lifeguard treated O’Rourke for his injuries. Instead of heading straight to the hospital, the two men decided to go to a bar, Berger said, where the shark attack earned the pair lots of free drinks, reports CNN. The victim is a professional surfer and eager to get back out in the water.

“Everyone’s like, ‘you got bit by a shark, I’ll buy you all the drinks you want,'” the victim told CNN.

The second attack happened around 4:30 pm ET at New Smyrna Beach, about 100 miles south of the first. A 49-year-old man was bitten in the leg while boogie boarding, Volusia County Beach Safety said in a statement.

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