New Covid-19 Rules Ban UK Citizens From Going on Ski Holidays

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No ski for you. Credit Twitter

New rules introduced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday banned all UK citizens from non-essential travel, including skiing and snowboarding.

Anybody wishing to travel outside the UK will first have to declare why and prove that it is essential, the government announced yesterday. Skiing and snowboarding are not deemed essential.

“…people should be staying at home unless they have a valid reason to leave. Going on holiday is not a valid reason.”

– Home Secretary Priti Patel

UK citizens were given five clear reasons that would allow them to leave their homes:

  • To work if it is “impossible” to work from home
  • To shop for essentials
  • To exercise
  • To provide care
  • For a medical appointment

More police and border control officials will be stationed at ports and airports. Anybody found in breach of the stay-at-home regulations will be turned around and/or fined.

The UK has reported 3,715,054 positive covid-19 cases and 101,887 deaths with covid (or within 60-days of a positive covid test).

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