Ultra Natural 2013 Full NBC Broadcast

Eric Behn | BackcountryBackcountry

Travis Rice hosted Ultra Natural again this year, his second backcountry influenced competition which took place in Nelson, British Columbia. The Red Bull Signature Series event was exclusively broadcasted by NBC who holds the broadcasting rights to most Signature Series events.

The event which combines backcountry snowboarding and park style terrain features took place during the third week of February. Sixteen athletes of various disciplines from the experienced backcountry boarder Nicholas Müller to the young X-Games slopestyle champion Mark McMorris attended to compete in a one-of-a-kind event.

1. Gigi Rüf
2. Nicolas Müller
3. Bryan Fox
4. Terje Hakonsen
5. David Carrier-Porcheron
6. Mark McMorris
7. Eero Niemela
8. Pat Moore
9. Lucas Debari
10. Travis Rice
11. Jussi Oksanen
12. Bode Merrill
13. Jake Blauvelt
14. Wolfgang Nyvelt
15. Torstein Horgmo
16. Mikey Rencz

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