Unboxing the 2020-2021 WNDR Vital 100

Clay Malott | | Gear ReviewGear Review

I had the opportunity to unbox the brand new WNDR Vital 100. Over the next few days, I’ll get them mounted with bindings and then take them on the hill.

I’ll post a full review after skiing on them for a few days.

To learn more about the Vital 100, you can visit WNDR’s website here!

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6 thoughts on “Unboxing the 2020-2021 WNDR Vital 100

  1. Impressive that these guys have figured out how to use bio-based materials. Just curious…how did you settle on the Vitals (versus the Intentions)? Am I right that the Intentions are more for powder days? Cool that WNDR included the personal aspects. You’re right – those touches definitely make it feel like a personal, handmade, high quality ski and company behind the box. Thanks for sharing. Please share your thoughts on the Vitals versus Intentions!

    1. Hey there Emma. I mostly ski in Colorado, where we don’t get as much snow as climates like the Sierra Nevada, Cascades, and Wasatch, which receive much more snow. I picked the Vital rather than the Intentions solely because I don’t need the extra 8mm on the Intentions! Just saving as much weight as I can! They’re both great skis, but I would say if you’re going to be skiing a lot of deep powder, definitely go wider with the Intention 108s!

      1. Thanks for the quick response. Can’t wait for your next review after you have a few days on the Vitals. Hope you get to try and review the Intentions too so I can hear your comparison

  2. Great video! I have been just researching these skis. Your video has inspired me to pull the trigger and get some!

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