2 Hikers, Dressed in Light Jackets and Low Cut Shoes, Lucky to be Rescued After Spending 10-Hours in Waist Deep Snow on Big Baldy, UT

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rescue groups go to the aid of the unprepared women
Rescue groups. Credit: Facebook

Two unprepared women were lucky to be rescued after getting stranded for ten hours off Big Baldy, UT, on Friday. The pair were discovered wearing light jackets and low-cut shoes with either low-cut socks or no socks at all in waist-deep snow by two trail runners.

Two trail runners came across the unprepared women. Credit: Facebook

The women, 18 and 21, were “hypothermic and tired”, reported the Utah County Sheriff’s Office. They weren’t dressed for the cold and snow.

Utah County Sheriff Search and Rescue has helped two women, ages 18 & 21, off Big Baldy above Pleasant Grove and Lindon. They were not dressed for 2 1/2’ of snow or cold. They were hypothermic and tired, but otherwise uninjured.

Two trail runners, pictured below, came across the women and helped them down to an area where SAR could take them down. These women were on the mountain in these conditions for over ten hours!

Make sure you are properly prepared when you go on an outdoor adventure!

Utah County Sheriff’s Office

The rescue operation took five hours with multiple teams deployed.

Location of the two women. Credit: Facebook

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