US Forest Service Memo Proposes More Logging, Mining And Oil

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US forest service
USFS releases a memo to use National land more. Photo: Patric Hendry.

The US Forest Service (USFS) released a memo which proposes to increase the usage of public land for more useful purposes, and environmental groups are concerned. Bosses at USFS seek approval of logging, drilling, mining on public lands to be quicker. They want to increase the productivity of National Forests and Grasslands, value Nation’s grazing heritage and National Grasslands, increasing access to National Forests, and expedite environmental reviews to support active management.

USFS manages 193-million acres of public land which provides important resources and recreational opportunities. The land is critical for sustaining jobs and rural communities. They provide opportunities for grazing, mining, oil and gas development, recreation, and forestry. Though they want to open the land up for more use.

They pose to increase access to National Forest Lands and grasslands by;

  • Streamlined permit processing for recreational activities.
  • Opening public access to National Forest System lands that currently have limited access, (if feasible).
  • Modernize customer service by simplifying forest products permitted in the Forest Service land exchange process.
  • Establish grazing plans on National Grasslands within the framework of governing statutes.
  • Streamlined renewal of range permits and range improvements on National Forests and Grasslands.
  • Increased flexibility for Forest Service employees to work with ranching families and communities.

Environmental groups worry it will impact conservation efforts in areas that have traditionally focused on preservation. This could cause more harvested timber, fossil fuels, and allow more grazing access.

Director of the Center for Biological Diversity’s Public Lands Program, Randi Spivak said the memo was painful to read and is a roadmap to national forest destruction. 

“In the midst of the climate and extinction crises, Perdue offers a dystopian vision of expanding mining, fracking, logging and grazing in national forests. This will increase air and water pollution, kill wildlife and increase carbon pollution. It’s the extractive industry’s agenda on steroids.”

All of the new policies must be in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act, other policies and laws. 

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2 thoughts on “US Forest Service Memo Proposes More Logging, Mining And Oil

  1. It’s not a Forest Service memo, it’s a USDA memo from Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue telling the USFS what he wants. He’s the boss, so FS has to get in line whether they agree or not.

  2. Conservation and Preservation are not buzzwords that can be interchanged and as is, makes no sense.

    “Environmental groups worry it will impact conservation efforts in areas that have traditionally focused on preservation.”

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